July Updates: AMPnet 2.0

You’d think of summertime as the most chill time of the year. Not for us, though! We’ve been sweating for months now polishing our Platform — to offer you a revolutionary bankless fundraising solution.

2 min readJul 30, 2021


As you might’ve read in our introductory blog, AMPnet 2.0 is changing your perspective on investing and fundraising. How? By going bankless, saving decent amounts of your money and much of your precious time.

Let’s take a look at the main updates we’ve worked on to bring you the best possible bankless crowdfunding/crowdinvesting solution.

To make the UX more seamless and faster, while at the same time making investing widely available to everyone, the team has been upgrading the AMPnet platform to be worthy of the “2.0 badge”!

AMPnet 2.0 news:

  • The refurbished platform works on EVM chains with the initial launch on Polygon, Ethereum & Moonbeam. It is compatible with other chains such as NEAR or Solana.
  • It allows native ERC-20 token investments. From the beginning, it will support USDC. The support for any ERC-20 token available on Uniswap/SushiSwap will follow.
  • We have hidden the blockchain aspect of the platform to allow non-crypto users a hassle-free experience — offering a login with familiar platforms such as Facebook, Google, Email, and Twitter.
  • We made the AMPnet platform a full-fledged dApp, with a backend serving only as a caching layer.

AMPnet Protocol news:

  • We are preparing an Auditing MVP.
  • The first launch is “approved” auditors, then gradual decentralization
  • First tokenizations will occur in September of 2021.

Business Development news:

  • We have acquired new key partners:
    a) Investment company from Hong Kong that is focused on investing in South American assets (such as mining and energy).
    b) Real-estate company looking to tokenize a Hotel.
    c) Real-estate company that will be tokenizing a commercial parking space.
    d) Hardware startup raising their seed round of investments
  • Clients’ projects will start launching from the beginning of September.

Implementations will start rolling from mid-August. We’ll make sure to update you on every bit of news from our side.

Interested? Feel free to ping us at business@ampnet.io

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