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Taking A Look At AMPnet 2.0: The Revolutionary Bankless Fundraising Platform

Connecting investors with great business deals always required intermediaries. Whether it’s investment funds, trusts, foundations, or even crowdfunding platform operators — investing your money always had gatekeepers. It was a very expensive and very slow game to get into.

Do you want to enable people to invest in your projects? You better have a spare twelve months and half a million dollars. Whether it’s real estate, renewable energy, private equity, VC, or SME investments — until now, starting an investment business was a nightmare.

So, what changed?

We are launching a platform that makes it ten times as easy, ten times as fast, and ten times cheaper to create and run your own investment business.

Do you run a real estate investment/development firm? We’ve got you covered.
Are you a VC or a private equity firm? We’ve got you covered.
Are you a renewable energy community? We’ve got you covered.
Starting a crowdfunding /crowdinvesting platform? We’ve got you covered.

What does AMPnet offer? Glad you asked.

  • Deploy your own, fully-featured investment platform in minutes.
  • Accept investments from 170+ countries, with the lowest fees on the market.
  • One-click investor management. Our platform tracks who has how much equity, so you don’t have to.
  • Accounting & tax reports — at the click of a button.
  • Marketing tools to track & optimize your fundraising campaigns.
  • Automated revenue-share/dividend payout. Distribute revenue to thousands of investors with a single bank transaction.
  • Integrated & seamless KYC/AML compliance.
  • One-click tokenization allows your projects to be freely traded on an exchange or used as collateral for a loan.

Bye-bye banks!

Did you know that there are 1.7 billion unbanked people in the world? Or that unbanked countries sometimes have more smartphones than people? AMPnet is the only platform that doesn’t discriminate — as long as you have a computer and an internet connection you can run a global investment fund — no matter where you are.

For those more fortunate, who have readily available banks — we offer the following proposition — accept global payments, with the lowest fees and compliance are taken care of. No more should you spend months and months negotiating an investment account with a bank, only to get rejected at the end.

Your account is your own — secured by blockchain, accessible only by you. KYC & AML compliance is integrated into the platform and investor details can be fetched through your admin dashboard.

Managing investors has never been easier

It doesn’t matter if your projects have just a few large investors or thousands of small investors. It doesn’t matter if your investors are local or scattered all around the world. AMPnet fully automates investor management — saving you time and money.

Paying out dividends? No problem, just make a single transaction to the account of your project and the platform takes care calculating equity proportions, sending the money to investors, and allowing them to withdraw to their bank accounts.

Need to generate accounting & tax reports? They are automatically generated for you and your investors and available at the click of a button.

Compliance? Not a problem. AMPnet comes with integrated KYC/AML checks and investor report generation, enabling you to stay compliant — without any effort.

Trading & lending

One of the biggest problems with private investments was liquidity. Investing in a non-listed asset can be an exercise in patience. AMPnet enables your projects to have one-click tokenization — converting shares in your project into freely tradable digital tokens.

We enable you to get your projects listed on an exchange or traded directly from seller to buyer — whatever you like the most.

Also — if there is enough demand — your assets can be used as collateral for loans, enabling your investors to leverage the power of, well… leverage!

Financial democracy

AMPnet has a singular goal of democratizing the financial industry. Moving capital effortlessly from an investor to project without intermediaries or gatekeepers.

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