Top Prizes of $5,000, $3000, and $1000

It’s official — more than $75,000 worth of $AMPT will be up for grabs in Amplify Protocol’s latest and most exciting community bounty event!

Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

In the lead-up to Amplify Protocol’s imminent 🚀 launch, the team has decided to take this initiative to ensure that we are a “day one DAO”.

We are big believers in decentralization, and this Bounty program puts YOU in control of how the voting-escrow app (decentralized governance) will function.

Actualization through Decentralization


💰Total Reward Pool: $250 in VLX.


Recap of the #AMPLIFY ($VLX) AMA hosted by VELAS


leoj | Erazan, [17:00]

Hello everyone🙏🏼

Good Afternoon Everyone! Please help me welcome AMPLIFY CEO Eugene Tan and Amplify CTO Vadim Zolotokrylin for the AMA today. It’s a pleasure of having you @AMPTet, @zolotokrylin here👋🏻🙏🏼

AMPT eugene tan

hi Velas Community, thank you for having us here

leoj | Erazan, [17:03]

you guys ready?

AMPT eugene tan, [17:03]


Vadim | AMPT & Holdex, [17:05]

Amplify — and the AMPT Protocol are rolling out a next generation defi platform that uses open source, decentralized innovation, to address one of humanity’s most pressing economic challenges.

Global Economic Crisis 📉

Covid-19 and the lingering pandemic have had unprecedented consequences for nearly all of humanity; While most of us probably view the…

Amplify Protocol

Building Inclusive Trade Finance. Visit us at!

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