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Amp is now live on the MoonSwap AMM, with ongoing $MOON liquidity mining rewards.

With the phenomenal growth of DeFi, decentralized exchanges are quickly becoming the predominant sources of token trading volume and liquidity. In fact, lending protocols and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) account for the considerable majority of total value locked across the entire ecosystem. …

Introducing Amp support on the Loopring DEX, with gas-free sends, zero-fee trades, and a 2,000,000 AMP incentive pool.

Always looking to the road ahead

As Flexa continues to build infrastructure for the universal spending of digital assets, both sides of its wallet-merchant network are rapidly expanding. …

Final development update, availability, and whitepaper release

It’s a pleasure to round out the seventh week of Amp’s development with an update on Amp trading availability and the release of the Amp whitepaper. With these final updates, Amp is now officially launched, and the primary development focus will shift to supporting networks building on the Amp protocol…

Official contract address and source code release

In advance of Amp’s release on the Ethereum mainnet this Tuesday, the Amp token contract has been verified on Etherscan and its source code has been released on GitHub. Read on for more details and news of what’s next.

Published and verified on Etherscan

To ensure that network participants can mint their Amp tokens safely…

Public launch date, technical details, and a special request

The steady march toward Amp’s release on the Ethereum mainnet continues! Today’s development update contains the formal public release date for Amp and further details about the Amp token contracts and documentation.

Announcing Amp’s public launch date

Over the course of several months, the Amp smart contracts have cleared extensive testing and review — both…

Testing, security, and usability updates and improvements

As the second week of testing for Amp on the Rinkeby testnet draws to a close, we wanted to share a few updates about everything that has shipped over the past two weeks and what’s coming next.

Public testing and security audits

The public testing of the Amp token contracts and the public beta of…

The new digital collateral token is live on testnet.

In the works for the better half of a year, Amp is now live on testnet.

The new digital collateral token was purpose-built for decentralized collateralization of digital asset transactions, and features on-chain staking operations; direct interfaces for open-source, extensible collateral managers; and much, much more…

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more documentation and details about Amp here and across the web. And in the meantime, we hope you’ll join us in testing and experimenting with Amp in the Flexa Capacity dApp on Rinkeby testnet.

And to be sure you don’t miss anything coming next, join the new Amp communities on Twitter, Discord, and GitHub!

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