Benignora ’16 — Welcoming the Freshers of DSCE CSE!

I’m used to giving speeches. Birthday speeches, farewell speeches, program about our college speeches, and the list goes on. But this is going to be a first, and something I’ll enjoy doing. Fresher’s speeches. When I looked at all of you, and I gaze into your poor souls, err…sorry, bright faces, I am reminded of the time last year when I was just a mere fresher in the college. I’m not going to be a grandpa and start recollecting stories of the past to bore you all, but instead, this day will mark as a start to your official journey into making your own stories that you can later dream upon.

Welcome to Benignora Twenty-Sixteen. You all might have wondered what the term Benignora actually means? We had the same doubts to. Word of mouth suggested to us that our super-duper seniors selected the name because it apparently meant ‘New Beginning’ in Spanish. 5 minutes of Google Search later, this myth was debunked. The truth is, it really doesn’t mean anything. And yet, we have it, only cause of the significance it was created for… ‘New Beginning’. We follow the very same tradition, a mistake we are proud of, a language we have created. Benignora is the official welcoming of our new year students to the CSE Department, or rather… CSE Family.

Juniors at DSCE CSE

Event #1 — Vishwajit Sir’s Performance

The event started off with a bang, forcing the teachers to have come up and sing or dance, and who better to go first than our very own Vishwajit Sir!

Event #2 — Dhara Khatokar Maam’s Performance

But we didn’t stop there, we went to one more length and called yet another favorite teacher of ours to perform…

Event #3 — Rajesh Sir’s Performance

Looking at the trend of teachers performing, one of our friendly neighbourhood teachers from the EC Department also joined along.

Event #4 — Invocation Song and Dance by Abhiram Bharathvamshi and Manjula

Now this is where the event actually began and started to take shape… a enthralling performance by Abhiram and Manjula to kick off the events is just what the doctor ordered!

Event #5 — Bhale Bhale Chandada by Abhiram Bharathvamshi

By now, everyone had realized that Abhiram was the best performer in our college, at least when it had come to singing classical music, and this is why the crowd asked for more and more… here’s him performing yet another masterpiece.

Event #6 — Ravichandran Sir’s Dance Performance

Teachers, they’re silent on the outside, but violent on the inside. So much energy packed in, and now, we finally see one of our favorite teachers belt it out on stage, gathering applause and roar.

Event #7 — Dance Performance by Mehul

This was a performance by the juniors themselves, and it’s clear enough to see how talented these young chaps can really get. They tore the stage apart with their terrifying moves and unique song choices.

Event #8 — Pehla Nasha by Pulkit Bhatnagar

Here are some more juniors showcasing their talents… this time, with a crowd favorite song.

Event #9 — Jotheyalli Jotheyalli by Abhiram Bharathvamshi

It wasn’t long before we saw Abhiram on the stage again, and this time, with a really mellifluous song dedicated to our Head of the Department, since it was his favorite song.

Event #10 — Tera Hone Laga Hoon by Avishek & Ananya

These young juniors are truly in love, or at least make the audience fall in love with them, when they sing this beautiful song as a duet.

Event #11 — Classical Kathak Dance

You might not be, or needn’t be a lover of classical art forms such as Kathak or Bharathnatyam to enjoy this amazing mastery of dance, with everyone’s expressions glued to the audience, it really brings a whole new definition to the term ‘mesmerizing’.

Event #12 — Dance Performance by Ravi Teja

This is one of the crowd favorite performances, and definitely, one of my favorite. This guy can break bones on stage as a part of the crazy act and will ensure you ending up watching it more than twice.

Event #13 — Chunar by Chandramouly Kandachar & Tikku

We’ve got performers from across the country… this duo is almost right there, from Kashmir to Karnataka, they sing a lovely melody on the love for a mother.

Event #14 — All-Girl Dance Performance from 5th ‘D’

Event #15 — Dance Performance by 5th ‘A’

Event #16 — Radioactive by Nikhil

Event #17 — Penta-Performance

Event #18 — Mere Dholna by Abhiram Bharathvamshi

Event #19 — Fashion Show

Event #20 — Belly Dance by Kavya Ramesh

And now, finally… saving the best for last!

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