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5 questions to ask any IT Nearshore company before hiring them

Whether you’re launching a startup or working on further growth of your scaleup, you require developers to work on your product. Are you having trouble finding skilled developers? Then IT Nearshoring might be a perfect solution for you! Nevertheless, choosing a technology partner can be a tricky business. Besides looking at the cultural fit, distance, time zone, and general capabilities of the potential partner, it’s crucial to obtain more detailed information. The answers to these five questions will help you to differentiate the experts from amateurs.

An IT Nearshore Company that fits your needs

The selection of the right candidates is crucial for the success of your business. And, when you have decided to nearshore your development team, it’s essential that you work with the right partner! While you are working on growing your business, they go through the process of searching and selecting the best suitable candidates and managing all administrative tasks during the whole contract duration.

How flexible is the contract with the nearshoring partner?

The future is unpredictable. Nowadays, that’s more true than ever. That’s why you should be prepared for any imaginable scenario. Maybe you will have to scale up rapidly and require additional team members. But it could be the other way around, and you might have to cut some costs. Your contract should be flexible enough to scale up or down the number of team members.

Can you get additional specialists?

Software developers are not the only specialists your company may need in either the short- or long run. Let’s say you have started developing a web app. But you decided you want to build native Android- and iOS applications, you will require mobile developers. Can the nearshoring partner provide you with these kinds of experts?

What about a product owner? Or a business analyst? Maybe a machine learning-expert?

We don’t say you will necessarily need additional force; it depends on the specifics of the project. But it’s maybe essential to have this possibility. Just in case you really need it.

How fast can your development team be assembled?

Time is money. Gathering your team as soon as possible can sometimes be crucial. Even when your project timeframes are not that tight, you need to be able to rely on proper planning. As your potential partner, how many developers they staff, ask about their availability and how fast they can assemble your team. The answers to these questions make it clear if the partner fits your planning.

How does the candidate selection process work?

As we mentioned before, your team is the core of your business. You want specialists that are not only experienced in specific fields but also are a good fit for your company. They should share your vision and be able to adapt to the existing workflow. You should not be at the forefront of the recruitment process. But, you do want to be some part of it. You might want to see the available C.V.’s and conduct some interviews.

Most Nearshore software development companies have a different vetting process. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Or suggest a process that works for you and your company. Read the process of hiring dedicated nearshore development teams at Amsterdam Standard as an example.

How are business processes within the potential partner organized?

This question consists of a few smaller questions. The first one being; what is the company’s approach to software development? Which methodology do they use? Is it Agile? Or do they prefer something else? and why?

The second; how is the work usually organized within the team? And how does the team collaborate with your in-house development team (if you have one), and how do the reporting and planning take place? Who is responsible for the correct execution of the process and progress? Do you have a product owner on your side or should the nearshoring company provide one? How often will you keep in touch with the product owner to give him all the information required and get updates in return? Because even if you are not directly involved in the development, you would like to be aware of the process. You want to make sure software or app development goes according to the requirements, agreed budget, and timeframe.

These are five questions you should ask your potential nearshoring partner. Answers to these questions will help you to know if a nearshoring partner is a trustworthy option that suits your needs. Contact us, and we will gladly answer any questions regarding building your dedicated nearshore IT team in Amsterdam Standard or other related questions.



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