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Remote development team

Working with a remote development team

Working with a remote development team

Why go for the remote development team?

In our opinion, there are two main reasons to switch to a remote development team model. First, because your in-house employees are currently working remotely in any case, and because hiring development teams from nearshore countries can provide many benefits to your business.

Specialists keep working remotely

This year all the world was forced to move to remote working. The experience has shown that most employees work from home the same productively or even more efficiently. Some companies, including the major international companies, are planning to stick to this way of work even after the crisis outbreak.

Remote development team benefits

There are a few undoubted advantages of hiring the remote development team:

Access to a wider pool of specialists

One of the main benefits of hiring remote specialists is access to the best employees. All companies want the most qualified specialists for their team, but not everybody is ready for new recruitment realities. Hire the highly-skilled remote developers that are not available in your region.

It is cost-efficient

Remote employees are mostly located in countries where the hourly wages are lower. It provides you with the opportunity to get the same quality services for a lower price. Besides, having teammates work remotely can help companies save money on office space and facilities. Working with nearshore remote colleagues can save recruitment and salary costs or reduce the spending on project development.

It improves the higher quality of your product

There are two reasons for such an improvement in our point of view. The first one is hiring a high-quality development team, which you can’t find in your area, or at least for that budget you have. Read more about the software development specialists’ shortage in our Whitepaper “A tight labour market in Dutch ICT.” The second reason that together with software developers, you can select specialists as project managers or product owners that will help your company improve the project’s workflow and provide continuous delivery. As a result, it enhances the speed and quality of the end web product.

Easier adjustments

The nearshore development team’s hiring makes it possible to scale up or scale down your team during the project’s duration. Also, any adjustments in the development process are easier when the team is working with Agile principles. This approach gives you more flexibility in project management and control. It improves both product quality and project timeframes, increases transparency and communication, and reduces overall risks.

How to hire remote developers?

As hiring a remote team sounds like a smart solution to you, you wonder what the best option to hire one is. There 2 main options available — collect your team by yourself from freelance developers, or use a company specialized in providing dedicated nearshore teams.

Hiring freelance software developers

Freelance developers and programmers are self-employed, which means that they work for themselves on a contractual basis.


Toptal is an exclusive network of top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers worldwide.


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business. Upwork quickly generates a shortlist of qualified experts in multiple disciplines from around the globe with their proprietary AI matching technology. With each shortlisted software engineer candidate, you’ll be able to review detailed profiles, portfolios, and client reviews and ratings so you can find the perfect match for your project.


Fiverr joins the list of platforms that make freelancing a lot easier for both the freelancer and the client. Through their portal, over 50 million transactions between businesses and contracted freelancers occur monthly. There, you can find thousands of IT specialists who have the credentials to complete your job. Whether you’re looking to hire a short term developer or an expert to grow within your team, Fiverr is a good place to look.

Working with a specialized company providing dedicated nearshore teams

A dedicated development team is a team of software developers and engineers, and can also be Project Managers, DevOps support members, QA specialists, UX UI designers, and other necessary members that are put together to work exclusively on the client’s project.

How to choose the right company to hire a team

First of all, gather your requirements for the nearshore development team. What you need and what you expect. Expectations can be not only technology-related. It can include parameters like price rate, country, time-zone, language proficiency, etc.

Characteristics of a great development team

You want to work with a great development team. Some professional and personal qualities developers and the team already perform before being dedicated to your project, some qualities you will nurture together during your collaboration. Let’s have a look at those 9 characteristics.

Great software development team

How to manage your remote development team

It can be hard to switch the mindset and start to work with the development team that is not present in your office. We have prepared the best practices and tips for successfully managing your remote development team.


Communication is the key to a successful partnership between parties. Via communication, we are building our relationship, setting goals, reviewing the process, discussing new opportunities, choosing the best tools, and so much more. Even me, writing this article is communicating with you, reading this article.

Instant communication

Instant communication represents disorderly communication, mostly not united by a specific topic, and that mainly consists of short messages.

Structured communication

On this level of communication, the contact is defined by the purpose. This level of communication covers the topic in a more structured way. It’s used for daily stand-ups, short and long-term planning, and retrospective meetings.

The importance of the Product Owner role

The second aspect we would like to pay attention to is the importance of the Product Owner role. In Scrum methodology, a Product Owner is a person on the client-side responsible for gaining all the stakeholders’ requirements and providing them to the development team. He or she is reliable, decisive, and is the primary contact person for the dedicated development team.

Product owner role
  • Define goals and create a vision for development projects
  • To describe the issues in the backlog (development team’s project to-do list)from the user’s perspective and manage them
  • Determine the order and prioritize tasks
  • Evaluate product progress at each cycle
  • Understand and forecast the client’s needs with customer journey mapping
  • Being the first interaction person on the client-side
  • Participate in the sprint retrospective meetings and answer all questions the team has

The process, roles, and technologies for managing the project

We have already talked about some tools which help to improve communication. But what are the tools for successfully planning, observing, and managing the project? And who defines how the processes in the project look like? To answer these questions, let’s first consider what type of companies work with remote teams.


Generally, there are three most common scenarios of companies who are getting remote teams. Of course, there are much more cases and more complicated structures, but in a simplified way, they can be referred to one of those 3:

  • Companies that already have an in-house development team(s) and planning to extend it.
  • Companies that already have an in-house development team(s) and planning to build a separate one (for different projects or different parts of the project).
  • Companies that are starting a completely new project and don’t have an in-house development team.

Scrum Master

In most cases, we recommend using the Agile approach to software development.


There are plenty of tools for managing the process of development. The one we recommend is Jira. JIRA is a tool for the whole team. A Project Owner provides requirements. As a result of gained requirements, tickets are created. The primary responsibility of the Scrum Master is to define process fitting to the project and the team, monitor if everything in the process works as planned and, if needed, propose changes/adjustments to the process. Developers get from the system information about requirements/tickets, update their tickets’ status, and give their feedback. They can do all of these in one tool.

  • It can be used for your processes without limiting it, or you can even create a unique workflow
  • Enables to see what is happening in the sprint and the progress of the backlog
  • It’s easy to plan the road map, not just a backlog, but also on a higher level
  • Easy planning and prioritizing of the tasks
  • Integration with Confluence helps to hold all the documentation (from notes to product specifications) in one place.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of communication; Use both instant and structured communications for different needs and include all members of the team in touch.
  • Second, as a Product Owner, invest enough time and energy for your responsibilities. Try to get the most detailed information about the requirements for the digital product and features, and be there for the team when questions evoke or assistance is needed. Or, if you are the owner or CEO of the company, delegate the responsibilities of the Product Owner to the trustworthy person who is decisive and user-oriented.
  • Get your technology in place. Planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting can be done in one tool. We recommend this tool to be Jira. Hire a Scrum Master in addition to the development team for the smooth process of development.

Is it your time of remote hiring?

Remote teams are an excellent option to help you scale on demand in the event of staff shortages. Rather than waiting for the right developer to pop out of nowhere on a local market, there is a nearshoring option to consider before wasting too much time, money, and nerves on the recruiting process. Amsterdam Standard is the company with significant experience in nearshoring. With headquarters in Amsterdam and a talented team of developers in Poland, we are ready to get your challenging project on board. We are the team you can rely on, — proved by the many Dutch companies in a long-term partnership with Amsterdam Standard.



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