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PECO & DFI Post Hack Follow-Up & Relief

As a fellow community member and token holder, Amun is establishing a Relief Fund for eligible fellow PECO and DFI token holders who were negatively impacted by the recent hack. To apply for relief, token holders must follow the steps listed below:

  1. When prompted, impacted holders will be required to pass compliance screening and attest that they are not a resident or otherwise located in certain restricted countries.
  2. Holders must connect their wallet that held DFI or PECO and then confirm their desire to apply for relief.

Once a holder has submitted their application, and the approval and screening process has occurred, then relief payments will be made via USDC on the chain where the holder held a PECO or DFI balance. The relief payment amount is based on the PECO & DFI balances and prices at the time of the hack. Please note that, at the time of the hack, PECO was worth $2.60 and DFI was worth $0.61.

To qualify for the Relief Fund, impacted token holders’ must meet the following requirements:

  1. Holders must not reside or otherwise be located in any restricted countries.
  2. Wallets must pass compliance screening.

Finally, in an effort to halt any further negative externalities from the exploit, the Amun team has created a governance proposal to update the smart contracts, freeze them, and eventually terminate them at a later date. Relevant token holders for PECO and DFI can vote on this governance proposal here (PECO | DFI). If the respective votes pass, the DFI and PECO tokens will be frozen on February 8th, 2023.



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