The world’s first mobile record label to empower artists

Amuse on iOS — available today.

From March 7, the very first mobile record company will be available internationally. Sweden-based Amuse charts completely new ground in the music industry, allowing unsigned artists to distribute their music via an app to digital platforms — with the added opportunity to be signed based on data-tracking hit potential.

Can the next global hit be found through algorithms? Swedish music company Amuse believes so. Through Amuse — the world’s first mobile record company — aspiring artists can easily distribute their music via their app to digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal, as well as track its progress and receive royalties.

“With Amuse, we have created a simple path for unsigned artists to release their songs to the digital consumer. A song is uploaded in a minute and then available on streaming sites within just a few days. From the instant it’s released, our algorithms go to work, and we can then predict a song’s future performance given the addition of marketing and other resources. Through our data intelligence, we bypass the traditional artist hunt through A&R and completely reimagine the industry model,” explains Diego Farias, CEO of Amuse.

Amuse — The world’s first mobile record company

The label of the future aims to create equal opportunity for all

Releasing music via Amuse is free — another first in the world of digital music distribution — and artists keep the rights and royalties of their material. This ease of entry alone, Amuse believes, will appeal to a larger number of artists as it breaks down one of the many current barriers to online distribution. Once talent is “scouted”, Amuse can offer the artist a record deal that includes help with marketing, rights and strategy. The artist may also manage the launch themselves.

And uniquely, as all uploads are analyzed digitally, all songs have the same opportunity to be discovered by the company’s algorithms. Where data leads the way, none are given unbalanced favor, and a democratized playing field is born.

“The reason we look at data when we search for artists is not to find those who already have a lot of streams today, but to reveal the stars of tomorrow,” says Andreas Ahlenius, Head of Marketing at Amuse.

Powering Amuse are five Swedish entrepreneurs, of which three are previous music industry executives: Diego Farias, prior Digital Marketing Director at Warner Music; Universal Music’s previous Commercial Director, Andreas Ahlenius; and Spotify’s former Design Director, Christian Wilsson. The company has gained capital from a number of investors to finance the creation of the service. Next step will be to establish the service in Sweden and internationally.

“We have all seen firsthand the rapid pace of change that the music industry is undergoing. It’s unbelievably exciting to start an entirely new kind of record label that is resolutely digital and designed for the modern music consumer,” says Diego Farias.

To download Amuse, visit the App Store or Google Play.

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