Coming Home

I stepped out of the shower, and you kissed my lips while your hand went to my cock. When you felt how quickly I responded, you bent over and playfully kissed my tip and held my balls to your lips for another kiss on my erect cock. You knelt in front of me, slowly stroking my shaft while you licked my balls, and then you took each one into your mouth. You ran your tongue from my balls to my tip, flicking that spot that feels so good, and then slid me in. You were enjoying the velvety feel of my cock in your mouth as much as I was, and it took our combined willpower to stop so I could get to work on time.

Now I’m home, and you’re asleep. I start undressing even before I get to the bedroom, and I slide next to you, naked between the sheets. You wake up just a little, smile, and we kiss. Your hand moves straight to my cock, massaging and then stroking me to a full erection. You lay your head on my stomach and take me into your mouth. I lie with my eyes closed, my fingers tangled in your hair, feeling the slight bobbing of your head as your hand strokes in a steady rhythm.

I suck and stroke, suck and stroke, my tongue sometimes swirling around the head of your cock and licking the precum from your tip. I suck and stroke for a while, and then suck and stroke for a while longer. You tremble with the touch of my hand, my lips, my tongue. Your belly feels familiar, like home. And my hair spreads across your chest like your favorite blanket. My warm, wet mouth surrounds you like liquid love, and your hips slowly begin to move. You hold my head still as you thrust your cock in and out of my welcoming lips. My hand matches your rhythm perfectly. I know you want this to last. Enjoying the sensation, your whole body tingles. You are so close to an orgasm that I know you will come any second, maybe even with the next thrust, or maybe the next. My mouth is watering with the taste of you, and you hear the wet, sloppy sounds I make while sucking your cock, and that sends you over the edge.

Your back arches, and you release a loud groan. You push my head down and thrust your cock all the way into my mouth, your hot cum filling my throat. You push in and out again and again, pulsing more cum into my mouth with each thrust. I keep you in my mouth, taking more cum with each thrust as you moan with pleasure. I keep my lips wrapped tightly around you as you slide forward and back a few more times, and then I release you and swallow. With my head still resting on your stomach, I take your balls in my hand and gently kiss your shaft. We both grow still, drifting off to sleep.

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