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Nurse Sinthia

Sharing sexual fantasies: a Harrison and Sinthia story

A guy I work with poked his head into my office and said, “You got a call while you were out. Your doctor’s appointment was moved to today at 4.”

“What doctor’s appointment?”

“How should I know? But if I had a nurse who talked like yours, I’d be on time.”

“Nurse? What nurse?”

“Nurse Sinthia, with a capital Sin. She spelled it for me twice. Sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. If you don’t want to go in for your checkup, I’ll take your place.”

“No, I got this. The appointment had just slipped my mind. But if it’s at 4, I’d better get going. Don’t want to keep Nurse Sinthia waiting.

I don’t really know where the “doctor’s office” is, but I figure if she didn’t give me a different address, it can only be one place. I knock on my own front door, and there’s my wife’s alter ego Sinthia. She greets me wearing a nurse’s uniform, but not like one any nurse outside of a porno ever wore. It’s so tight that the top two buttons don’t reach, displaying spectacular cleavage and the full, round curves of breasts like twin cantaloupes held up by a lacy scarlet bra, and it’s so short I can already see she’s wearing panties to match. Her red hair is pinned into a tight bun under a very official-looking nurse’s cap. She gives me a no-nonsense look punctuated by her pursed cherry red lips.

“Thank you for accommodating my schedule, Mr. Harrison. You may call me Nurse Sinthia. I’ll be conducting your examination today. Please come in and follow me.”

Nurse Sinthia leads me to a sparsely furnished room with a massage table standing in the center. Every step she takes in her stiletto heels seems choreographed to accentuate her legs and hips and especially her round ass straining against the seams of her dress. Once in the exam room, she closes the door and turns, scrutinizing me from head to toe. Her hips are cocked to the side and her arms are crossed, lifting her breasts even higher. I can feel myself growing hard just from the touch of her eyes.

“And how are we today, Mr. Harrison?”

“We’re just fine,” I say with a crooked smile. “Couldn’t be better.”

“And our penis?”

I cough, taken aback. “P-penis?”

“Your penis, Mr. Harrison. Is it going to be a problem like last time?”

“No! No problem! Our penis will definitely not be a problem.”

She scowls. “Better let me have a look.” She motions a hand toward my crotch and then adds, “If you don’t mind, Mr. Harrison.”

I unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants and then wait for her to take over, but she just raises her eyebrows disapprovingly, arms still crossed. I push my pants down to my knees and my cock springs out, nearly erect.

She shakes her head, clearly annoyed. “Mr. Harrison, we discussed this last time. You must take some responsibility for your own… responses. Well, there’s nothing to be done about it now. If you’re quick we can still finish your treatment on time.” She tosses me a hand towel and says, “Take care of that while I gather my supplies.”

She turns her back to me, and I stand there exposed and confused. She looks back over her shoulder and says, “Quickly, if you please, Mr. Harrison. We haven’t got all day.” I tentatively wrap my fingers around my shaft and give it a couple of strokes. “That’s better,” she says. “Double time now.”

When I start stroking more quickly, she smiles and turns away again. She starts opening drawers and searching for whatever she might need. Everything seems to be either in the bottom drawer or on the top shelf, requiring her to either bend over or stretch up high, both offering the most enticing view of her tight skirt riding up enough to display her ass cheeks peeking out from her red panties. I am openly staring while I rub myself, almost ready to cum when she spins around.

“Really, Mr. Harrison? Not done yet? You really aren’t much good at that, are you?” She removes her hat and pulls out a couple of hair pins, and with a swing of her head her curly red hair falls to her shoulders. “Use my hair to let me know how fast and deep you like it.”

Without another word she drops to her knees and begins sucking on my cock. I gather her hair in my hands, and she responds to my touch. Slower, faster, deeper, deeper, deeper. I hold her head still and rock my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her cherry red lips. Her third button pops open and her breasts almost spill out from her lacy bra. Still sucking, she looks up at me and sees me staring. With a deft motion she pulls a breast free from her bra and pinches her nipple. That is all I can take, and with a shout I cum in her mouth. She sucks it all in and swallows, keeping me in her mouth, still sucking softly, until she’s drained every drop.

Then she stands, slips her breast back into her bra, and says, “There. Now that penis of yours shouldn’t be a problem.” She walks around to the far side of the table and pats it with both hands. “Now, if you’ll just pop off your clothes and lie here face down, we’ll begin.”

My orgasm was so intense that I’m having trouble with simple things like standing, but I manage to undress and stumble onto the table. I am so relaxed as Nurse Sinthia’s strong hands knead my neck and shoulders, and I must’ve drifted off because I now feel her thighs straddling my hips, and not just her thighs. She is rocking forward and back, hands on my back, pussy on my ass, sliding forward and back, forward and back. I can feel her wetness spreading onto my skin, and soon her hands are still and the only motion is her hips rubbing forward and back, forward and back.

I begin to raise my ass in time to her rhythm, doing what I can to press against her wet lips. She lies down, her breasts on my back, and whispers into my ear. “And how is our penis doing, Mr. Harrison?”

The truth is, it has grown uncomfortably hard under me, and I am relieved when she lifts her hips and guides me to roll to my back. She rocks back to her knees and takes my hard cock in her hand, massaging it slowly and making that “tut tut” sound with her tongue. “What are we going to do with this penis of yours, Mr. Harrison?”

She unbuttons the remaining buttons of her dress and it falls open. She pulls both breasts from her bra, and then with one hand she pulls her panties aside and with the other she presses me against her wet slit. She rocks forward and back, pressing me between her lips and rubbing my tip against her clit. “What are we going to do?

With a shift of her hips she slips me into her wet pussy and we moan in unison. She leans forward, grinding her hips into mine and smothering my face with her breasts. I take them in my hands and suck on her nipples. I thrust in and out while she moves forward and back. After one orgasm, I can last a long time before my second one, and she takes full advantage of that, using me to pleasure herself in every way she wants. Eventually her rhythm quickens, and I can tell she is about to cum. That excites me so much that now I am just trying to hold on, trying to give her as much of me as she wants without actually crossing over myself. She rocks and bucks on top of me, her back arched, her head back, moaning with every breath, grinding against me. With a hard thrust of my hips, I shout, “Oh SHIT!” and I cum, but that’s all it takes for her, and her body tightens, and then she releases a loud, long groan.

She collapses onto my chest, and I wrap her in my arms while we both breathe, not speaking. After several minutes she says, “Mr. Harrison?”

“Yes, Nurse Sinthia?”

“That concludes our treatment. How do you feel now?

“Better. No. Better than that. Wonderful.”

“But we must guard against a relapse. You will need to see me as often as you can.”

“Whatever the doctor orders.”

“Whatever the patient requires.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Not at all,” she replied.



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