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Dear fellow authors: We are not competitors.

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If you’ve spoken to more than an author or two, you know what I’m talking about. At least one of them enjoys seeing other authors struggle. At least one of them is annoyed by the success of others. Don’t be one of those authors. We’re striving for success, not vying for it.

I like to think of fellow authors as my coworkers. My success doesn’t depend on their failure. Their success doesn’t depend on mine. We’re all working toward the same goal, and the success of another doesn’t threaten your ability to succeed. I’m always happy to help a fellow author when I can, and I think we should all be willing to work together. Pooling strengths is beneficial to everyone.

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Over the years, I’ve spoken to many authors. I know plenty of authors around the world, and I’ve only encountered one that I would never be able to work with on a project. It’s not that I view this author as a competitor. This author built a following by humiliating and belittling strangers, and that’s something I don’t condone. I can’t work with someone like that.

The market is indeed saturated with millions of titles in every genre, but it’s not finite. There is plenty of room for everyone, and others don’t have to fail to make room for someone to succeed. That’s not how it works. Competition is in the work itself, and we’re all competing with ourselves to improve our work and hone our marketing skills.

If you’ve been around the block in this industry, help someone new to the game. Offer advice, lend a hand, and share a few tips. Be a mentor. Encourage a budding author, and applaud their successes. If you can inspire someone, do it.

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At some point, someone helped you. You learned something useful from someone. I did, and I continued building on that tidbit of knowledge. I’m paying that forward as often and as many times as I can. If I am remembered for nothing else in this industry, I will be remembered as the author who was willing to help anyone who asked. People will know me as the author who volunteered to help others.

Need help? Have questions? Don’t know where to start? Ask. I want people to succeed. Why? More authors means more books, and more books is always a good thing. It means I have more to choose from when I’m looking for a good book.

While you’re striving for the coveted status of bestselling author, don’t view others as your competitors. We’re all working toward the same goal, and there is plenty of room at the table.



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Amy Dodd Pilkington

Amy Dodd Pilkington


Pilkington is an aspiring beach bum who enjoys travel and sweet tea. This published author has been featured in Health Magazine and many other publications.