Soulmates & Bullshit

“Rejecting another human being has become a collective neurosis. People ask, ‘when will my soul mate get here?’ but praying for the right person is useless if we are not ready to receive them.

Our soul mates are human beings just like we are, going through the normal process of growth. No one is ever finished. The top of one mountain is the bottom of another, even if someone meets us when we are “on top” of things, soon we will be at a new point. It is our commitment to growth that makes this inevitable. You have to see people in your life as they are presented now. The strength is to be brave and give all that you have knowing it will change.

As in every other area of relationships the problem isn’t that we haven’t had wonderful opportunities or met wonderful people, it’s that we didn’t take advantage I the opportunities we had, sometimes we didn’t recognize at the time how wonderful those people were. Love is all around us, the ego is blocking our awareness of loves presence. The idea that there is a perfect person that just hasn’t arrived yet is a major block.”

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