Stronger as a Pair

“They tried to rock the boat but now there are two of us,

It wasn’t what they knew of us,

But what they didn’t know,

Forbidden no, Just un-acquired,

Too many fires burned for them to know there was survivors.

And oh how we survived.


We change as we grow older,

More intertwined, heart, body, and mind,

To undo that takes time,

And even more time to try again,

And actually saying yes takes even more strength.


What if we viewed time as a rhythm and not a length?

A dance, a flow, and not a force?

Of course many won’t try,

But I suggest you do,

It is said life is not what happens to us but FOR us,

So I trust. I try. I feel.

We are all becoming unraveled, unwound, unpeeled,

that doesn’t make you have less appeal…but


as you learn your boundaries, your souls ceiling and floor,

And that burning feeling in your chest, like your hearts trapdoor.

The whisper that becomes a scream in your inner being,

Im convinced those who ignore it die, and those that never felt it are not awake.


then choose again.

Looking for the chosen,

Or better yet, those choosing,

Choosing life, choosing God,

Choosing to feel, live, and be.

We choose our life,

Our path

Our partner.

Feel your way threw it

Don’t think your way threw it.

We do not fall in love,

we grow in love, over the rhythm of life, not the length,

over our weakness which becomes our strength.”

Amy Houck