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‘TV’ by Teruo Yamashita

“Negativity is a positive task” -Paul Virilio

“Liberation is the exposing of repressive enjoyment” -Ray Brassier

“The forgetting of death becomes death by forgetting” -François Bonnet

“We never communicate” -Jean Baudrillard

The Hyperpetty: the pettier-than-petty

If hyperpettiness exists, today it would be conditioned by our interfacing with technologies of the…

Mattin, Stephan Dillemuth, Markus Oehlen, Robert Bittenbender, Ser Serpas, Connor Camburn, Ramsey Alderson, Lauren Burns-Coady, Emma McMillan, Matthew Langan-Peck, Asha Sheshadri, Moritz Smid, Chris Fratesi, Eirik Sæther, Rachelle Rahmé, Ben Schumacher, Dustin Hodges, Zoe Barcza, Adam Revington, Benjamin Scott, Eli Ping, Zoë Mpeletzikas, Kiera Mulhern, Ben Horns, Israel Lund, Emma…

By E. Schmid

(originally written Apr 11, 2018; sent as an email)

The 4th manifesto (see PDF on webpage for “Life is Good” show at Galleria Federico Vavassori is a roadmap to the Occult. It walks through different thoughts and perspectives because of a pluralism. We all have…

Michael Krebber at Maureen Paley, London

I have compiled three manifestos. These are collections of essays by other people. One can think of these manifestos as a “course reader,” which would be provided from a teacher in a class.

1st Manifesto of Contemporary Art:

2nd Manifesto of Contemporary Art:

3rd Manifesto of Contemporary Art:

(localization, individuation, Einstein’s relativity, neurophysics, Aristotelian realism, eliminative structuralism, cybernetic contradiction, the axiomatic method and ‘hypothetico-deductive’ suspension, the geometric logic of “topos theory” & non-Euclidean geometry, structuralism of category theory/topos theory/type theory)

By E.S.

Key ideas/Keywords: local-global navigation through Negarestani’s “localization”, minimal metaphysics, individuation of potentia within a metastable system…

Global shut in. Whatever continent you read this on, run through a translation application, or not, you are shut in. How many people get global events in their lifetime? Truly global. Hard to know, hard to say anything. The idea of reissue culture wrecking the somehow idealized perfect state of…

“Una realitat que es fa insuportable”

As humans, we are always involuntary participants in the events around us, often giving the impression of barely taking part in these events all the while, yet completely unable to avoid doing so.

Although “Participant” began simply as a full length album, the project…

anòmia Journal

Collective voice: Sonic, textual, visual communications and actions —

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