Epitome; an abstract.

Honestly, I do not know how to begin or if I even should explain the situation I am in right now. I want to believe that I am mature enough to make decisions that could affect all of my future but I want to be only guided by my mind not my heart or my gut, but by doing so am I losing myself? Or what I could’ve been?

The day of yesterday I was tested in many different ways, and not in those universe kind of tests, testing my strength and abilities in situations on a daily basis, but rather by a friend of mine. We talked late at night — which is the time where it’s most likely for all your thoughts to come to life — and she let me rant to her about all of my doubts and fears. I told her I was too young to place anything prior to my education, and that I couldn’t — and would never be willing — to place anything atop of my own dreams.

Despite my ability for decision making — and I am not going to say it is perfect, because no person I’ve ever met is — it feels like it has always been myself against the “legal” world. It all seems like a little cult you cannot be part of until you become of age, although does age really matter when it comes to maturity?

Getting to the point, there are a remaining — on average — fifteen months left of school before I graduate, and whilst people don’t believe I am capable of making decisions now at the age of sixteen and three months, in about six hundred days when I do turn eighteen, becoming a “legal” adult, what is going to change?

Unquestionably, I am going to become more knowledgeable throughout those two years, but if I’ve known what I’ve wanted and I know where I want to go, and I’ve known all of this for years now, already making advances that could help me pursue my dream career, who are they to tell me what I am doing — and that doing what I love — is unrealistic and unattainable, that I am going to starve and not strive? That I am going to lose my faith in myself and discontinue the efforts I am making towards my entire life?

There has been such an improvement in our world, the acceptance of races and skin colors, the acceptance of different religions, different sexualities, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, even transgenders. If people around all of the world are making these decisions at any age, for example Jacob Lemay, who officially became a transgender boy (being born a girl) at the ripe age of five, how come people not see most of us “kids” as mature until the age of eighteen, thirteen years older than what Jacob was when he took this life changing decision?