She zipped it closed,
And stood it up,
Heaving under its weight,
A suitcase.

She squatted back on her heels,
Emptiness filling her ears,
Chipped, bare walls staring back at her,
Her home.

And all she had left
Inside an old suitcase,
In a wallet in her jean pocket,
With her,

Leaving town.

Quietly, in a yellow cab,
As darkness fell,
A last look at the home, curtains drawn,
If she was gone, no one could tell.

It hid a secret,
Just like her,
No time to bother,
She thought.

Forward she leaned
An address she said
The cab moved away,

A swirl of dust,
Rose with the wind,
And settled down
On the doorstep

If it had known
How long it would lie there
It might have changed its mind