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Letter sent on Jul 16

The Journey Towards Mindful Ambition

It is Day Twelve of my 30-Day Experiment, and I find myself in a good moment, with momentum and some flow.

Before I set out on this path, I spent a lot of time thinking through how I would do this. I planned. I reconsidered. I changed my plans. I opted out of the idea as a whole. And then I got to a point where the moment to launch into this just felt right.

My biggest challenge in going from idea to publishing that first article was what I would describe as the dichotomy of being mindful and being aware.

In the past, I would launch myself into things that I was passionate about as a way of paying homage to my ambition. That is partly why I am an entrepreneur today. What I learnt though is that when ambition reigns freely, it plasters over many cracks; some of which end up being harmful and hurtful.

After stumbling into mindfulness about 18 months ago, I started seeing where and how my powerful relationship with ambition had created many good and bad things in my life. I also understood the cost associated with this. So my first steps were almost backwards; moving to an almost passive position, where I could learn how to be more aware of what is happening for me in this moment.

When I reached a place where I could practice greater mindfulness, I switched gears and focused on my ambition once again. The first couple of steps were false starts since the ambition didn’t feel as singularly good as it did before. As part of my journey though, I have learnt how to balance better the energies and considerations which emanate from both mindfulness and ambition.

Read my new article about being mindfully ambitious.



PS. I’d love to hear from you in the comments on that article. Have you tried any of these things? What is your perspective and relationship with your ambition? What are the challenges that you experience?

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