10 Ideas To Help You Accomplish Your 2018 Goals

Get inspired to get it done.

In the course of publishing 50 editions of my For The Interested newsletter this year, I’ve consumed thousands of ideas about how to get better at doing things.

Today, I want to share with you the best of those ideas in the hopes it will help you accomplish your goals in 2018.


“You’re not a procrastinator — you have a habit of procrastinating. Big difference. We spend way too much time trying to focus on manipulating how we feel and not enough time practicing the skills of controlling your behavior and your thoughts.”

from A Simple Way To Get Over Procrastination


“There’s an opportunity cost to everything worthwhile in life. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll have to give up something in order to make it happen.”

from 5 Things You May Have To Give Up To Be Successful


“Assemble weapons to destroy fear. Start by reacting to fright not by burying your head in the sand but by burying your mind in knowledge; then follow with specifics.”

from How To Conquer Your Fear Like A High-Wire Artist


“If you were able to improve by one percent each day for an entire year and those gains compound, you would wind up 37 times better at the end of the year. Everybody wants a radical improvement and rapid success, but we fail to realize that small habits and little choices are transforming us every day already.”

from How To Get 1% Better Every Day


“Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.”

from How To Get Motivated To Do Something


“Unfortunately, many people avoid discomfort. They do everything they can to avoid it. They are just too comfortable to be pushed or bothered to make a change or improve their lives. This is perhaps the biggest limiting factor for most people, and it’s why you can’t change your habits.”

from If You Master Discomfort, You Can Master Anything


“If all you want to do is be someone who started a business or finished a creative project, that’s going to be bad for you. You can’t go into business thinking you want to be an entrepreneur. You have to go into it thinking that you want to build something.”

from Stop Wanting To Be, Start Wanting To Do


“Instead of wishing you could ‘Be like Mike,’ you need to focus on and enjoy the small everyday tasks in order to accomplish those long-standing stubborn goals such as ‘I need to exercise more.’ In short, you need to become an amateur. An amateur is a consistent practitioner of a healthful habit.”

from To Form A New Habit, Train Like An Amateur


“Always choose harder stuff. When given the option to choose between something challenging and rewarding and something less challenging and less rewarding, always choose the more challenging thing.”

from Why You Should Do Harder Stuff


“The first step, then, to using your time in the best possible way, is to elevate what you believe you deserve. If you don’t believe you deserve to spend your time on amazing things, you’ll continually sabotage yourself. You’ll continue to act in ways to PROVE TO YOURSELF you aren’t worth more. You’ll try to keep yourself small.”

from Your Life Is A Reflection Of What You Think You Deserve

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