8 Ways To Maximize The Value You Get From Your Content

How to get what you deserve.

Josh Spector
Apr 13, 2018 · 6 min read

Most creators don’t maximize the value of their creations.

Most blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posts are underexploited and leave potential value on the table.

1. Create Evergreen Content

If you create content about topics that are only relevant today, then today’s the only opportunity you have to recoup value from them.

Evergreen content is exponentially more valuable than topical content.

My most popular blog post was published two years ago and continues to be the biggest driver of subscriptions to my For The Interested newsletter EVERY DAY.

2. Pay Attention to Your Audience

Pay attention to how your audience responds to your content.

What performs well on one platform will most likely perform well on another — even if you have to tweak its format a bit.

This is why I pay close attention to which of the 10 ideas I share in each week’s For The Interested newsletter receive the most clicks from my subscribers.

3. Create Modular Content

Consider from the start how you can repurpose your content in order to get more value from it and build that into the format of your creations.

The modular format means this one blog post can become eight social posts and generate eight times(or more) the value.

An even better example is the format I use in my For The Interested newsletter.

4. Create Elastic Content

Here’s a simple one.

When something small works, the chances are an expanded version of it will too. And when something big works, the chances are there are many small elements of it that can work on their own.

Good content is elastic if you learn to think of it that way. And elastic content is valuable content.

5. Share And Share Again

You know that content people liked when you shared it on social media?

Because our social feeds are dominated by algorithms, MOST of your followers have not seen your content no matter how often you’ve shared it.

We overestimate the portion of our followers (and non followers) who have seen our stuff and as a result we tend to not share our content as much as we should.

6. Switch Up Your Headlines, Images, and Descriptions

Here’s another easy hack.

Take an old piece of content and switch up the elements that appear in people’s social feeds when it’s shared — the headline, image, and description.

Now share it again.

7. Syndicate Your Content

Your content doesn’t only have to live on your own platforms to generate value.

Syndicating content is the easiest way to get additional exposure without doing additional work.

8. Have a Newsletter

Can you tell I love newsletters?

It’s a way to escape being at the mercy of social algorithms.

Plus, a newsletter can become the launchpad of your content efforts.

Want more tips to produce, promote, and profit from your creations?

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For The Interested

Actionable ideas to help you produce, promote and profit from your creations.

Josh Spector

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I run the For The Interested newsletter and help clients use social media and newsletters to grow and activate audiences. ForTheInterested.com/subscribe

For The Interested

Actionable ideas to help you produce, promote and profit from your creations.

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