Four Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts To Grow Your Newsletter

How to convert more readers into subscribers.

Blog posts are a goldmine of opportunity to attract newsletter subscribers.

A valuable, well-targeted blog post can become your single biggest driver of new subscribers if you understand how to optimize the post to capture them.

Here are a few ways to optimize your posts to grow your newsletter...

1. Include a reference and link to your newsletter signup page in the first few paragraphs of your post whenever possible.

Many readers won’t make it to the end of your blog post even if they enjoy it, so you want to make sure they’re aware of your newsletter’s existence even if they only read the first couple paragraphs of your post.

For example, I know if you’re reading this post that you’re interested in newsletters so I should probably mention my own For The Interested newsletter here as opposed to waiting until the bottom of the post to mention it.

(See what I did there?)

2. Include a link or signup form at the bottom of your blog post.

If a reader makes it to the end of your post, they were clearly interested in it and are ripe to be converted into a newsletter subscriber so make sure you have clear messaging at the bottom of the post to capture them.

3. Don’t solely rely on a signup form in the sidebar or footer of your site to do the job.

It’s fine to have signup forms in multiple places on your website, but the ones you place in a sidebar or footer are easily ignored because readers have become accustomed to ignoring sidebar ads.

The more you integrate your newsletter promotion directly into your content where you know you have people’s attention, the more likely readers are to see it and subscribe.

This is also why it’s more effective to integrate a newsletter link into the first few paragraphs of a post than simply at the end of it.

4. Make your newsletter sound as relevant as possible to the topic of the blog post.

Keep in mind somebody reading a blog post on a specific topic is more likely to subscribe to your newsletter if they know that specific topic is covered in it as opposed to if it’s more general.

You can take some liberties here and venture slightly away from your standard newsletter description to more precisely match the interests of the people reading that specific blog post.

Don’t lie, but you can play up the most relevant elements of your newsletter as long as those elements actually appear in your newsletter.

For example, if you have a newsletter about social media tips and promote it in a blog post specifically about Facebook tips, which call to action do you think will convince more of those readers to subscribe?

OPTION 1: “Subscribe to my newsletter to get more social media tips!”

OPTION 2: “Subscribe to my newsletter to get more Facebook tips!”

It’s obviously Option 2 because that’s an exact match for the audience reading a blog post about Facebook tips.

And it’s not a lie —a social media tips newsletter surely includes Facebook tips, even if it also includes tips about Twitter, Instagram and Medium.

You’ll notice Option 2 doesn’t say it will ONLY cover Facebook tips, it just positions the pitch in a way that highlights a newsletter feature people reading that blog post are most likely to want.

Doing this also makes it easier to incorporate your newsletter plug into the content of your blog post because it will be a perfect match.

For example, as part of the intro paragraph to my blog post about Facebook tips, I could include a sentence like this:

“There’s no shortage of advice out there these days about how best to use Facebook, (something I know all too well since I share Facebook tips in my newsletter each week), but in this post I thought I’d break down some of the most valuable things I’ve learned about the platform.”

In that example, I’d be able to include a link to my newsletter signup page in that part in the parentheses.

See how that works?

I hope these tips help you turn more of your blog post readers into newsletter subscribers and since I should probably follow my own advice, I’d also like to invite you to check out my For The Interested newsletter for more advice about how to grow your audience.

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