How To Get More True Fans

Seven ways to turn people who see your creations into fans.


You make a thing, share it with the world, and people like it.

What you hope happens next is those people become your true fans, spread the word, and support your future endeavors.

But too often what happens is they just move on to the next thing in their social feed, inbox, or playlist.

That’s because many creators make a few common mistakes that reduce their ability to convert people who enjoy one of their creations into ongoing fans.

Here are a few ways to avoid those mistakes and turn casual observers into true fans…

1. No Lead Magnets

It’s great so many creators understand how important it is to have a direct connection to their audience and realize a fan’s email address is by far the most valuable connection you can have with to them.

But too many creators try to grow their email list in the wrong way.

The common practice of using a lead magnet to convince people to give you their email address does more to prevent people from becoming your true fans than it does encourage them to do so.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a lead magnet is a piece of content or product you make available only to people who sign up for your email list.

Lead magnets are bait designed to lure people to join your list — and while they work to get more signups, they don’t actually get you more true fans.

First, many of the people who sign up only do so out of curiosity or interest in your lead magnet and don’t actually have significant interest in being on your list or having an ongoing relationship with you.

Second, lots of people who might be convinced to become a fan of yours after seeing your piece of gated content won’t ever see it because they weren’t convinced enough initially to hand over their email address and get it.

Here’s what I recommend instead.

It’s a great idea to create something you know your audience will want and find valuable. But rather than hide it and ransom it off for their email address, give it away for…



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