How I Improved My Social Media Profiles In 15 Minutes

Five quick changes I made this week.

When was the last time you reviewed your social media profiles?

1. I changed my cover images to reflect my brand instead of my branding.

On my For The Interested newsletter Facebook and Twitter profiles I rolled out a new cover image.

Image for post
Image for post

2. I added a “Start Here” highlight to my Instagram profile.

On my For The Interested Instagram account, I created a story highlight designed to speak to people who discover my account but may not know what it is.

Image for post
Image for post

3. I created a new pinned tweet to emphasize engagement instead of promotion.

In the big picture, one-to-one engagement is more valuable than one-to-many promotion.

4. I created a Twitter List to feature/attract my target audience.

I’m slightly obsessed with newsletters and my Newsletter Creators Facebook group has become a hub for people who create newsletters to connect with me and each other to share tips, ask questions, etc.

5. I repurposed my most successful content from a year ago.

This one may not technically be a profile change, but the content you share is one of the first things people see on your profile so I’ll allow it.

One more thing before you go…

If you found this post helpful, you’ll probably also dig my For The Interested newsletter.

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I run the For The Interested newsletter and help clients use social media and newsletters to grow and activate audiences.

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