How I Stopped Checking My Phone So Much

10 simple things I did to break bad habits and take back control.


I knew I was doing it too much.

A couple weeks ago I recognized I had fallen into a dangerous loop and that my phone use —specifically the time spent checking email and social media feeds — was out of hand.

So I did something about it.

I didn’t take a “digital detox” and completely abandon social media for a brief period of time because that feels more like a temporary treatment than an actual solution.

It might have made me feel better for a couple days, but a detox would quickly end and everything else would go back to “normal” — and normal wasn’t working for me.

Instead, I pursued a more sustainable solution.

I set out to change my phone habits by creating a simple set of rules to limit the negative and amplify the positive impacts of when and how I use my phone.

The following 10 guidelines are what I came up with to ensure I use my phone with intention.

They turned out to be relatively easy to follow and made a huge difference in how often I check my phone, what I get out of it, and how I feel about it.

1. I stopped checking my phone in my car.

I never really checked my phone while driving because that’s super dangerous (and you should definitely stop that whether you try out these rules or not), but with this rule I also outlawed checking it at stoplights, in heavy traffic, or any time I was in my car.

After implementing this rule I immediately noticed how often I had been checking my phone in the car, how unnecessary it was, and how it actually made things like sitting in traffic more frustrating than it otherwise might be.

2. I stopped checking my phone during TV commercials.

I hate commercials as much as the next guy and sometimes social media seems like it was solely invented to fill up those two-minute interruptions so it’s no wonder I checked my phone at every TV timeout.



Josh Spector
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