How I Went From Reading Zero Books To 20 A Year

And 10 habits to help you do so too.

Josh Spector
For The Interested
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4 min readAug 25, 2021


I didn’t read a single book in high school, college, or the first dozen years of my career.

Then, a decade ago, I randomly cracked open a book about Steve Jobs’ brain.

That sparked a transformation that led me to develop one of the most valuable habits in my life — reading about 20 books a year.

How did that happen?

Here are 10 habits that turned me into a prolific reader and can do the same for you..

1. Don’t treat reading like a task.

If you turn reading into a chore, you won’t do it.

Don’t arbitrarily require yourself to read a certain number of pages each day, finish a book in a specific time period, or force yourself to read at a set time of day.

Make reading something you choose to do, not just another obligation.


2. Read something every day.

This may seem contradictory, but it’s actually complementary.

While it’s not helpful to turn reading into a task, it is helpful to make reading something — even just a few words or a page — every day a goal.



Josh Spector
For The Interested

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