How To Write Something Useful To Others

Seven simple ways to create value through your writing.

If the goal of your writing is to create value for yourself or others, there’s one surefire way to do it:

While snarky, controversial, revealing, or entertaining writing may get you attention, the only way to create true value is to write something that provides it to others.

And readers value what they can use.

1. Use A “How To” Headline

Your headline is a promise that your writing needs to live up to.

2. Write Something Actionable, Not Theoretical

Pontificate about whatever you want in your writing — there are plenty of people who may be curious to read your thoughts.

But MORE people will value your writing if you make it actionable.

Tell readers how they can do things, show them what actions to take, and give them instructions on how to actually execute as opposed to solely convincing them to go a certain direction.

3. Write An Answer To A Question You’re Asked

If somebody asks you a question or seeks your advice about a situation, you can be sure they’re not the only one seeking that information.

People primarily ask for things they believe will be useful so questions are a great way to recognize the expertise you have that will be of use to others.

And the more people who ask a question, the more useful your answer is likely to be.

4. Write What Others Won’t

Reveal your secrets.

The more open you are with your expertise, tactics, and discoveries, the more useful (and ultimately successful) your writing will become.

Value is generated by those willing to share their secrets, not those who keep them closely guarded.

5. Don’t Write About Your Experiences — Write About What You LEARNED From Them

Personal stories are powerful and the more experiences you have, the more you’ll have to write.

To write something useful for others, focus on what your experiences taught you as opposed to simply the experiences themselves.

Those lessons can save readers a time, effort, and agony — sharing what you’ve learned can provide them a valuable shortcut.

6. Write About Something Universal

The more people participate in the topic you write about it, the more useful your writing can be.

7. Write About Something Specific

Even if you write about a universal concept like sleep, the key to writing something useful is to do so in as specific a way as possible.

So…Did You Find This Useful?

I hope so and look forward to reading your next useful creation.

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