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My 20 Most Popular Medium Posts Of The Year

As determined by 330,000 readers.

Thank you, Medium.

My decision to write more on this amazing platform proved to be a great one and I appreciate everyone who followed, recommended, and shared my posts this year.

Below are the 20 most popular posts I’ve written this year, not counting my weekly 10 Ideas Worth Sharing posts (which are also available by email).

I hope you find these posts as valuable to read as I found them valuable to write.

20. “The only attention that matters is that which is earned.”

19. “We shouldn’t expect to earn the attention of others for things we only do for ourselves.”

18. “Pessimism influences our decisions more than optimism.”

17. “Say what others won’t in ways that others don’t.

16. “It’s harder to avoid change than embrace it.”

15. “We don’t need another ‘them’ — we need YOU.”

14. “Confidence isn’t the absence of fear.”

13. “The only things that matter are things you actually do.”

12. “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”

11. “Every creator believes they are unique, but few can explain why.”

10. “Great is never guaranteed.”

9. “None of the people who tell you what to do know what’s best for you and you should stop listening to them.”

8. “Never forget: It’s easy for people to unfollow you. Treat every post as an audition.”

7. “The promotion of work that provides value is a generous act, not a selfish one.”

6. “Your resume’s purpose is to secure a job you want, not just any job you’re qualified for.”

5. “You become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

4. “Discomfort isn’t optional. It’s a prerequisite.”

3. “You feel stuck because you don’t know what you want — not because you don’t have what you want.”

2. “Ask what else you should ask.”

1. “Delete the words ‘I think.’”

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