Scared of Change? Read This.

Change is easier than the alternative.

Josh Spector
Sep 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Change isn’t that hard.

We convince ourselves it’s difficult to change our life, work, and art.

But this neglects a universal truth:

It’s harder to avoid change than embrace it.

Change is our natural state —we grow, evolve, learn, and adapt every day. Our values and the people in our life may stay relatively constant, but the world they inhabit is in constant motion.

The same is true for business.

Products, economics, customer needs, and the value a business provides is always in flux.

The world constantly reshuffles the deck around us — that’s life.

Despite the constant nature of change in our lives, we continue to tell ourselves change is hard.

But we fail to acknowledge that not changing is harder.

We dig in our heels, bury our heads in the sand, and ignore the need for change — until we wind up in circumstances more difficult than the change we needed to avoid it.

Not changing stunts our growth and dooms our future.

But the solution is simple.

The next time you hesitate to change something in your life, consider how hard it will be to not change that thing.

It might influence your decision.

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For The Interested

Actionable ideas to improve your work, art, and life.

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