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It only takes a simple mindset shift.

Promotion is a key component of the creative process.

Let me rephrase that: Promotion is a key component of a successful creative process.

And yet, most creators struggle with self-promotion and it holds them back.

You probably avoid it because you worry you’ll be perceived as selfish, obnoxious, or pretentious.

But here’s a question that can change your perspective.

Do you believe your creation provides value to people?

This question is the key to overcoming your hesitancy to promote your work because it unlocks a mindset that makes promotion much easier.

If you don’t believe your creation provides value to people, there are two potential reasons…

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And a look at the system I use.

Your career depends on your ability to build a system.

Because a lack of a system leads to random acts of creation and promotion, which leads to…not much of anything.

The good news is while each creator’s system is unique to their abilities and needs, the mechanics of each system are basically the same.

Every successful creator’s system contains the same three elements: Discovery, connection, and monetization mechanisms.

Here’s how each one works and how to consider your own…

You Need A Discovery Mechanism

This is how new people find out you and your creations exist.

Typically, it consists of the creations, content and social media posts you put into the world. …

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Plus, how to sell on Instagram and grow a Patreon group.

Here’s the latest edition of my For The Interested newsletter, a collection of tips to help you produce, promote, and profit from your creations.

I’ve got a little something extra for you this week.

For the past 10 weeks, paid subscribers to my This Is How I Do It newsletter have received an email each week with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how I build my audience and grow my business.

Now, I’m going to give you the chance to “unlock” one of those emails and read it for free.

Just fill out this one-question survey to vote for whichever topic you’re most interested in. …

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via Hannah Lee Jones

How to improve Facebook engagement, manage DMs, and sell on Instagram

Hannah Lee Jones wants to grow a long-term creative content business.

She currently has a “very small but devoted following” of 1,100 followers— primarily on Instagram — with whom she shares advice about nomadism, living a life of freedom, and what that looks like in an age of COVID.

Following are three questions she asked me and the advice I gave her…

Hannah’s Question About Facebook Engagement Strategy

“I’ve been struggling a little bit with Facebook in terms of engagement.

When I share a post to a group for instance, I get very few people responding or engaging and I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I’m not engaging a lot with their content. …

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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

A six-sentence lesson.

1. Make a thing.

2. Tweet about the process of making your thing.

3. Tweet about what you learned from making your thing.

4. Follow/Engage with people who make similar things.

5. Make another thing.

6. Repeat.

For a deeper dive into Twitter strategy, check out these 26 ways to get Twitter followers and write better tweets.

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I made the same mistake, but a new approach changed everything.

My first paid newsletter flopped because I made the same mistake most writers make.

I tried to sell my audience more.

At the time, I had built a large following for my free For The Interested newsletter and assumed I could monetize it by offering an expanded edition for $10 a month.

A small portion of my audience bought it, but ultimately it didn’t work and I shut it down.

Fast forward a couple years and I now realize there was a fundamental problem with that typical paid newsletter approach.

Almost nobody wants “more” — even of a newsletter they love.

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Photo by Jaz King on Unsplash

How to discover one that provides true value.

A podcast episode can change your life.

But only if you discover it.

Following are seven ways to discover podcasts that match your interests, align with your goals, and provide you with information you’ll truly value.

1. Search Apple podcasts for the names of smart people you admire.

You know that brilliant person whose work you admire?

Go type their name into the search bar in Apple’s podcasts app.

What it spits back out at you will be a list of podcast episodes in which they appeared as a guest or were a main topic of conversation (assuming they’re mentioned in the podcast title/description).

This will tip you off to valuable podcasts in two…

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Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

They’ll help you get followers, build relationships, and create value.

Twitter is only valuable if you know what to tweet.

Every great Twitter strategy is rooted in an ability to post tweets that provide value to people — that’s ultimately how you get followers, build relationships, and create value for yourself and your audience.

It happens one tweet at a time, but if you’re not sure what to tweet to accomplish this, the following post ideas can point you in the right direction.

Tweet Something Valuable

The more value you provide to others, the more value you create for yourself.

Here are three tweet ideas guaranteed to provide value to your followers…

1. Tweet a tip that saves people time, effort, or money.

No matter who your target audience is, they’ll appreciate — and share — a great piece of advice about how to save time, effort, or money. …

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via Pixabay

How I used content, community, and focus to grow an audience.

Every audience grows in its own unique way.

But the more you know about how others grew their audience, the better you’re able to apply those tactics to build your own.

To help you do that, following is a breakdown of how I’ve attracted an audience of 72,000 followers across a variety of platforms.

Just about every one of those people found and connected with me as a direct result of four specific actions I’ve taken over the past four years.

Here’s what I’ve done, why it’s worked, and how you can apply it to grow your own following…

A Quick Note About My Audience

Let’s start with a bit of context in case you’re not familiar with my work. …

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Plus, how to get 72,000 followers and be a Worldconnector!

Here’s the latest edition of my For The Interested newsletter, a collection of tips to help you produce, promote, and profit from your creations.

The next time you’re going to turn down an offer, try this instead:

Make an unreasonable demand.

You never know what might happen — you just might get it.

Adam McKay did.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. The Four Actions I Took To Attract 72,000 Followers

“Every audience is built one person at a time so act that way.”

I share a ton of advice about how to grow your audience, but the truth is you ultimately need to find your own way.

But you can adapt things I’ve done to serve your own purposes and that’s why I wrote this post to clarify the four actions I took to attract 72,000 followers. …

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