The Advice I Gave A Creator Who Sells Information Products

A few quick tips about course, membership and paid newsletter sales.

A newsletter subscriber asked me for advice about selling courses, memberships, and/or paid newsletters.

Here’s some of what I told him…

If your courses/products are on a wide variety of topics then you have to reinvent the wheel (in terms of attracting an audience) each time.

The person who wants to learn how to build a website may not care about course creation for example.

This means…

By selling multiple unrelated products, you’re putting yourself in a position where you actually have to build multiple audiences, as opposed to building one audience and selling them multiple products (which is easier).


I’d recommend focusing one one general niche with related products (if you’re going to sell multiple products as opposed to one).

And once you pick a niche…

You need a free thing you can use to attract that audience. A newsletter or blog is great for this.

The key here is to be consistent and the content has to be great to stand out and build trust with audience.

Wow them with free stuff, and it’s easier to sell paid stuff.

As far as recurring revenue goes …

I know everyone thinks recurring revenue is the golden goose these days, but I’d think about it differently.

Recurring revenue is great, but often it’s easier to sell (and you can make more) with non-recurring revenue.

That’s because…

People are burning out on all the subscriptions they’re paying for — even low priced ones.

Almost 70% of people who subscribe to my This Is How I Do It newsletter choose the annual option ($120/year) as opposed to the monthly one ($20/month).

Now, obviously…

I price my newsletter to nudge them that way, but it also reflects a desire from people to pay once and be done as opposed to getting billed every month.

(As long as they trust you enough which is where it all comes back to strong, consistent, free content).


A great way to sell a product about a topic is to have a free newsletter all about that topic that will attract the exact audience likely to buy that product.

If your newsletter topic isn’t aligned with your product topic, it won’t work.

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