Two Ways To Write Social Media Post Captions That Get More Likes And Shares

This has nothing to do with hashtags or emojis.

The most underrated element of social media posts are captions.

Because captions may be the single biggest factor in determining the success or failure of a post.

Here are two things you can do in your captions to get yourself more Likes and shares regardless of how good the image you post is (or isn’t)…

1. Explain why the image matters instead of what it is.

When you set out to caption an image on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, what do you do?

Use your caption to give people an additional reason to like, share or comment on your post — don’t just double down on the content of the picture itself.

Tell your audience something they can’t see in the picture. Share a backstory, lesson, or explanation of why you’re posting it in the first place.

With this approach, the same simple photo of widgets being made becomes about something more meaningful and universal. It becomes more likely to resonate and resonance drives engagement.

This version of a caption turns it into an illustration of the importance of experimentation and what’s possible when you put in the time and effort to find a better way and overcome failure.

2. Don’t lead with the punchline.

Stories work well in captions, but they work best if you tell them in the right order.

The best story in the world is worthless if you can’t get people to read it, so your job is to hook them in the opening line.

But when you write that opening line, don’t lead with the punchline to your story — you want build up to a big reveal at the end.

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