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Your Audience IS Your Brand

You don’t define what you stand for, your audience does.

A brand doesn’t attract an audience, a brand IS its audience.

Your Brand Stands For What Your Audience Stands For

If readers don’t find my newsletter actionable, aren’t inspired by the information I share, and don’t use it to improve their lives, then my brand isn’t what I think it is.

Your Brand’s First Impression Is The One Your Audience Makes

When somebody first encounters a brand on social media, they judge it based on its audience as much (or more) than they do its own content.

Your Brand’s Community Sets Its Standards

A brand’s community models the behavior it expects and newcomers to the brand rise or fall to meet those expectations. In doing so, they define not only the community’s standards, but those of the brand as a whole.

The Words That Drive Word Of Mouth About Your Brand Will Be Chosen By Your Audience

The words your audience uses to describe your brand matter more than the words you use.


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I run the For The Interested newsletter and help clients use social media and newsletters to grow and activate audiences.

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