3 reasons why Kid Cudi Wearing a Dress During SNL Performance Is None of Your Damn Business

by Jessishawaii

photo via twitter

Kid Cudi wore a floral print dress for an SNL performance over the weekend, and there were mixed reviews on Twitter.

The responses were surface level. A black man in a dress on SNL? Why would Kid Cudi “humiliate” his self in such a way?

Other opinions were that the dress was ugly, then others reflected on what people think men should be wearing.

The positive responses were better, as these were people that were minding their damn business.

Here are three reasons why Kid Cudi wearing a dress during his SNL performance is none of your damn business.

Photo via Twitter
  1. It was a Tribute to the late Kurt Cobain, you would know what if you were a Nirvana fan.

Kurt Cobain was known for defying gender norms in the 90s. He liked a “nice floral print” and often thrifted his fashion finds or borrowed dresses from Nirvana’s publicist.

He wasn’t known as the stereotypical “American rocker macho man” like his rocker counterpart during the 90s. He was a “true feminist”; he was gender fluid and spoke out against the anti-feminist rhetoric garnered during the 90s.

Kurt died at the age of 27, almost 27 years ago; Kid Cudi choice of the white floral print dress was simply a tribute to the late Kurt Cobian. It’s not Kid Cudi first time wearing an outfit that resembled something from Kurt’s closet.

It takes five seconds to research the reasons behind Kid Cudi floral print dress performance. I’d say Kid Cudi homage to Kurt was thought out and was with great intentions.

We could learn something from people that do things outside of the American gender norms, and to be honest, the world would be a better place.

2. Freedom of expression is free.

American culture needs to retire the “what makes a man masculine” rhetoric. It was an issue 30 years ago, so why is it still a big deal today? What makes a man or any gender, for that matter? Your gender is not defined by what you wear.

The negative responses to Kid Cudi floral ensemble were what Americans feel makes a man. In reality, it was just freedom of expression and representation of how kid Cudi doesn’t care about gender norms. It didn’t define Kurt, and today it does not define Kid Cudi.

Freedom of expression is free, and so is minding your damn business.

photo via Twitter

3. What Kid Cudi eats doesn’t make you poop; he still got his paycheck at the end of the day.

We often lose focus on more important matters going on in the world. Kid Cudi putting on a dress to pay homage to his favorite American rocker didn’t hurt anyone.

Some may argue that it makes young men think it’s OK to dress “feminine.” What makes it not OK other than toxic masculinity?

What if I told you Kid Cudi still got paid? It made the haters talk, and his fans research why he wore the dress on SNL.

Kid Cudi wearing a dress to his SNL performance is none of your business because it did no harm. He made a statement, and he wore with pure intent for you to talk about it. He still got his paycheck at the end of the day.



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