3 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

It’s time to do some serious soul-searching if your relationship displays these red flags.

Just like everyday life, relationships have plenty of highs and lows. Have you been experiencing second thoughts about your relationship lately? Do you feel like a certain spark has been missing between you two? Maybe things just haven’t felt right for a while but you’re hesitant to confront the truth. It can be difficult to determine whether a relationship is headed toward its conclusion, but here are four signs that usually point strongly towards an inevitable break-up.

#1: Every Little Disagreement Turns into an Argument

Have you noticed that you and your partner have been arguing more frequently than in the past? I bet a lot of the arguments are over silly stuff like what to have for dinner, who’s turn is it to take out the trash, who gets to take a shower first, etc. If so, this is a major indication that the bond you two have is deteriorating and becoming toxic. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of healthy relationships include their fair share of arguments and serious discussions, but if you find yourselves constantly clashing over small things like what to watch on tv, then let’s face it, the root problems between you two have nothing to do with the tv.

Being in a relationship means working together to find common ground on a variety of subjects. If you and your partner struggle to compromise on the little things, then there’s zero foundation set for any agreement when it comes to major topics of discussion. Maybe you’re both not as compatible together as you both originally thought??

#2: You Can No Longer Fully Rely on Them

It should not have to be like pulling teeth to have your partner keep their word about making plans to spend time together. If the person you’ve been dating has become increasingly unreliable, then this is a major red flag. No matter how busy people are, they always make time for the ones they prioritize most. We all have busy, demanding careers and other issues that drain our energy and have us on a time crunch, but that’s still no excuse for failing to make the one you love a top priority.

I have a close family member who once dated this person who I would not trust to put the mail in my mailbox out front because he is just THAT unreliable. He always had some feeble excuse for why he canceled plans with last-minute or why he couldn’t come to see her when she would ask to hang out. I see it two ways: either the person doesn't love and prioritize you because you aren’t that important to them, or they’re cheating on you (or both). Don’t waste energy with unreliable people in any aspect of life, let alone your love life; they will disappoint you every single time.

#3: The Sex is Disappointing or Nonexistent

This kind of speaks for itself, but it never fails to always be true. If you and your partner rarely have sex or engage in any intimate activities anymore, then it may be a sign that you two are drifting apart or need to spice things up a bit between the sheets. Sex and intimacy are important parts of a healthy relationship and they have been shown to strengthen the bond between partners who genuinely love each other. If the sex just isn’t up to par with your expectations, it’s important to discuss this with your partner about how to improve things.

I know it may seem like an awkward conversation to have at first, but you’d be surprised at just how a little communication can go a long way in the bedroom. One should never have to “fake it” in a relationship; there’s always room for improvement. If your partner isn’t willing to hear you out about making some sexual adjustments, then life is too short to be carnally unsatisfied and they don’t deserve you. Not being open to satisfying your partner the way he/she wishes is straight-up selfish. On another note, if your partner constantly refuses to be intimate at all, then it’s time to realize that they probably are not the one for you.

Thank you very much for reading! Please let me know what you think in the comments, and check out more of my articles below.



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