3 Tips to Get Any Indoor Cat to Like You

Cats are notorious for being standoffish if you’re not their owner. However, based on my experiment, these three tips will have them begging for your attention in no time!

Cats are playful creatures who want love and attention just like us humans! However, they are also fiercely loyal to their owner and don’t always enjoy it when an “outsider” wants to pet or hold them. My cat will let me pet her anytime and give her a belly rub, but when any of my friends or family try to do the same, they are usually met with a swift paw swipe or a demonstrative hiss to back off.

I decided to lead a little two-month behavioral experiment between two of my close friends (Darrell and William) who both regularly see my cat for roughly the same amount of time every week. She treats them both the exact same and doesn’t let them enter her personal space without either walking away or brandishing her claws. I selected Darrell as the one who will change the way he acts around my cat (the experimental group) while having William change nothing about his behavior (the control group). I wanted to see if there was going to be any shift in the way my cat would behave toward Darrell, compared to William.


I expected my cat to soften up to Darrell and noticeably like him more than William after these two months concluded.

I instructed Darrell to follow these 3 TIPS BELOW for the next 2 months:

1. Give Her Cat Treats Every Time You Visit

Gradually begin petting her slowly as she inevitably accepts them. There is nothing a cat likes more than treats!

2. Be Patient and Give Her Space

Let her walk over to you first and sniff you each time you enter the home. Earn her trust by showing restraint and not running over to pick her up and pet her as you’d do with a dog.

3. Show Her Love in a Way She Will Understand

Make an effort to play with her each time you visit. Throw a toy mouse, grab some catnip and crinkle up some foil into a ball to make her run wild.


Darrell and William both spent a few hours each week in my home over the past two months with me and my cat. In fact, I actually logged 5 more total hours spent with us for William than Darrell. Despite the extra time, it is clear my hypothesis was correct; there is now a noticeable difference between my cat’s behavior towards Darrell.

After showing her two months of consistent love and attention “the right way”, I can certainly say that my cat has warmed up to Darrell. She now lets him gently pet her and brushes up against his legs every time he comes over. She still does not allow him to pick her up and hold her, but this still is a significant shift in her behavior. She still does not want William to even attempt to pet her and now he has decided to follow my instructions to see if she will warm up to him as well.

Bottom Line: Cats can be confusing and difficult when it comes to guests wanting to show them affection, but if you consistently follow the 3 tips like Darrell, don’t be surprised if your friend or loved ones’ cat starts to suddenly enjoy your presence!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments and please check out some more of my articles below.



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