4 Step method to accomplish your sensitive goal:

A goal can be Sensitive or not:

We find ourselves lone wolves about accomplishing our goals. We find it harsh to step out of our comfort zone.

Source: Unsplash from Yosef Futsum.

Being a teenager, people show me a soft corner to help me, but they’ve no support for my ideas. We get wind of views all around but have no courage to stick with them. I always have unique ideas that stir inside my head. I face inner conflicts and Outer disappointments.

In the end, I step out and move for a better version of myself all alone.

1. You’ve to love your idea a lot.

Nobody has an interest in your ideas. People create objections to your creativity. So, take a step out and yields a few results from your Ideas. It attracts your believers and repels your critics.

Take the advice of experts and show flexibility in your approach. Never lose the driving purpose of your idea and compromise your primary dream.

2. Your goal should challenge you.

It should not be big that it is far away from your level. On the contrary, it is not too easy. It is like a piece of cake. Your goal has pushed your capacity to face the next level of achievement.

Never try to fit in a group of people who have the same idea as yours. Follow your path and tame your viral actions with perpetual directed goals.

3. You’ve to put yourself on the dead ground and say you have this time now.

The dead ground means an awareness of your mortality. You have a few moments in life to achieve your success. Your death ground provokes your inner core to put your best into your work. It gives you control over your lethargic and lame excuses.

4. Reorient your pleasures for long term goals:

We all live in the Era of distraction. People put themselves away from the truth and waste their time in fantasies like Movies, games and imagination. It’s your responsibility to discipline yourself by orienting your pleasure for a long term goal. It is not like stopping yourself from instant gratification. It’s about delaying your gratification to achieve something far away.


If your idea curdles your’s blood, you require to develop your mindset to leave your past self.



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