5 Home Based Business Ideas That You Should Consider Right Now

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When people think of business, they think of opening an office, hiring an employee and using a CRM to provide the best customer service. The thought of doing so much and investing money makes them consider a nine to five job and kill the idea of doing a business.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs have made a big impact in the business world through home based business idea. They have put their entrepreneurship skills to come up with some really innovative thoughts.

Note that traditional entrepreneurs have never been successful in home based business idea, since they easily give up when one idea fails. This has never been the case with serial entrepreneurs because they are always hustling for new ideas to make their business survive, even if they have failed in the last one.

Idea 1: Selling Bulk Products

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When you buy products from a vendor and that also in large quantity, then the vendor sells it at a low price. Now, you need to sell this product to individuals to make a profit. Let me explain this concept with a personal experience

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Example: In my recent experience, I came across a friend who traveled to Bangladesh and researched the market. During the research, he found out that Bangladeshi saris were popular to foreign tourist and travelers.

So, my friend made a collaboration with the vendor in Bangladesh and started selling saris in India. Within no time, he had a successful business of selling best quality saris to our Indian customers. So, he imported saris at low cost from the vendor (bulk quantity) and sold individually to the customers all from his home office.

Idea 2: Sell Your Passion

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Some of the top entrepreneurs have used this technique of home based idea to make a fortune for themselves. If you are good at making handmade products, you should give some serious thoughts of turning it into business.

Example: Let’s say that you are very good at making hand made products like cosmetics, jewelry, candles and customized items, then you could be running a successful business.

For this, all you need to do is make a partnership with any online e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay or Walmart. They will take care of all your troubles of shipping and deployment, so you don’t have to worry about the thing.

Idea 3: Demand-Based Supply

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This for those people, who love, creating customized products. There are a lot of people who wants customized t-shirts for their birthday party, for holding a campaign or participate in a protest. In addition, there are people who wants customized wedding gifts and accessories.

Example: For this, all you need to do is follow a drop shipping business model. Your customer will contact you for customized products, and you could design them, giving your creativity. This one of the home based business idea that has been super successful.

Idea 4: Earn Through Service

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There is a lot of freelancers who have taken this home based business idea very seriously. You may be a content writer and sell your service through different companies, or you may be a freelance graphic designer who could develop a company logo for various companies. In addition, you could be a freelance photographer or web development specialist who could design a website for companies.

Example : If you are good in photography, sell your photos to online websites and get paid for it. If you have great communication skills, and love writing, sell yourself through various platforms like Up work or Fiver. There are a lot of companies who are looking for talented freelance writers.

Idea 5: Personal Errands

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This for those people who loves to provide service for people in need. There are so many people, that could not do their work by themselves, either they are very busy with their life, or they have become old. Sign up with websites that would provide you with these kind of services.

Example : There are people who do the grocery shopping, mows the lawn, takes care of medical prescription for the elderly. In addition, there are people who babysit other pets and children. The income is high in this as you only have to spare a few hours to do the job.

Bottom line

Give these home based business ideas, some serious thought, if you’re looking for some passive income. People have made fortunes by following these home based business business idea. I hope this article has shed some light of enlightenment.

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