5 Warning Signs Of Vaginal Cancer

Source: Mayo Foundation

aginal cancer is rare, but if early treatment is not provided it can spread beyond the vagina and cure might be extremely difficult then. Hence we have taken the initiative to inform you about vaginal cancer, its symptoms, and treatment that are in practice as of today.

The most common area where vaginal cancer occurs

Virginal cancer occurs in the birth canal. The best gynecologists in India and also around the world have stated that there is no specific reason for it, though the most common reason for this infection is sexually transmitted disease or STD.

Mechanism involved

When you have a contagious free vagina then healthy cells grow and multiply. After some time they die out too. Once infected with cancer, the cells grow and multiply but they are unable to die out.

Now accumulation of cells takes place (known as the tumor) which invades the nearby tissues in the body and spreads everywhere along with the infected vagina.

Types of vaginal cancer

Based on the placement of cancer inside the vagina, they are divided into four types: vaginal melanoma, vaginal adenocarcinoma, vaginal sarcoma, and vaginal squamous cell carcinoma.

1. Vaginal melanoma: Cancer affects the melanocytes cells (these are pigment-producing cells) of the vagina

2. Vaginal adenocarcinoma: Cancer occurs on the granular cells of the vagina

3. Vaginal sarcoma: Cancer occurs on the muscle cells of the vagina

4. Vaginal squamous cell carcinoma: Thin cancer cells starts forming at the surface of the vagina (most common area of vaginal cancer)

Symptoms of vaginal cancer

If you see these symptoms, make sure you get connected with the doctor on an immediate basis

· Urination happening frequently

· Extreme pain during urination

· Pelvic pain

· Mass acclamation inside the vagina

· Constipation

Diagnosis involved

Diagnosis vaginal cancer is done through tissue testing, inspection, imaging tests

1. Inspection: The doctor would use magnifying equipment known as colposcopy to examine the infected area. The doctor may also use tiny cameras to see cancer spread by placing it inside your body

2. Imaging tests: Imagining tests are needed for accurate treatment. Through this mechanism, the doctor will be sure of the level of treatment that you would need. These tests are known as positron emission therapy, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and X rays

3. Tissue testing: A sample tissue from your vagina will be collected and sent to the lab to know how bad is the cancer spread

Treatment involved

There are two treatments, for this infection the first is known as radiation therapy and the other one is known as surgery. They are further subdivided into various categories and which are stated as follows

1.Radiation therapy: Using a high-powered beam to kill the cancer cells is known as radiation therapy. The only downside to this treatment is the collateral damage of the nearby cells

1a. External Radiation: The beam will be directed only to your pelvis and abdomen,

1b. Internal Radiation: The doctors place radioactive devices like cylinders and wires inside your vagina

2.Surgery: Cutting out the entire cancer spread from your vagina is known as surgery

2a. Small tumors: Only cancer that is limited to your vaginal surface is removed.

2b. Vaginectomy: If the spread of the cancer is critical the doctor will eliminate your ovaries and uterus along with the area where the cancer is spread.

2c. Pelvic exenteration: Most of the pelvic organs will be removed when the cancer is spread across the entire pelvic region.

2d. Chemotherapy: Use of chemicals to kill the cancer cells is known as chemotherapy.

2e. Palliative care: A pain relief treatment that is provided to cancer patients. If you are in ongoing treatment, the palliative specialists help the patient to improve the quality of life

Where should you seek help?

One of the top medical assistance company for vaginal cancer is Ginger healthcare. Get connected to them immediately if you want to get treatment from the best doctors. Just head over to their contact us section and fill out the requirement and they will arrange a callback for you.



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