A Loathe Note

To Whom This May Concern

It’s only at 6 am that you can hear the dead
Quiet, blanketing your feet and inching it’s way
Down into the drum of
Your ears

In those moments,
The soft thumping and dull roar of running appliances
Are mistaken for
Last night’s thoughts

I should be sleeping, in fact,
There is no point to heavy eyelids
With nothing in your schedule on a Monday morning

But perhaps this restlessness is keeping me awake
If only to pause the cramping of my stomach
And finally release the venom to say:

I live on a cemetery and there is
Still more life in my backyard
Than what you have residing in your heart

Photo of and by Jennifer Lyn Bartlett (Author)




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Jennifer Lyn Bartlett

Jennifer Lyn Bartlett

Musician & writer in LOKELLA. Pen-yielding page scratcher.

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