A perennial memory called Gene

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Right now, you are completing your breakfast, which is already programmed in biological memory. It is called a gene, which is a perpetual one. Because this biological memory chip holds all kinds of our daily actions and activities in it. Therefore, gene everyday records our work and functions through its enormous recording mechanism. Even, you will observe that its swiftness and precision is beyond human imagination. Therefore, there will be no chance for error unless it is affected by outside invaders like viruses or bacteria in our body. It is observed that the gene has a unique feature, which prevents any sudden deletion from its core.

The reason is that it will never allow the manual command for recording and deletion as well. Rather, you can expect excessive indulgence in its automatic principles. Practically, the gene always gathers information from the human brain. Nevertheless, sometimes it can collect information from the other parts of the human body. The reason is that the human brain is the central processor unit of a mechanical computer. Nevertheless, the functions of the biological computer mechanism are quite different from the conventional computer like PC.

However, the lookalike working principles are the same as the mechanical equipment. One interesting thing you have to remember that a human gene is also a biological machine with a different pattern. It is invisible to the naked eye, and it is beyond our imagination. Still, we could not get the maximum information from it as well. Therefore, our conviction about the gene is quite fuzzy on the details. It happens due to its unique secret mechanism. It is true that gene is the only prime operator in the human body mechanism as well. Therefore, our emotions and thinking patterns are also influenced and controlled by it. Rather, if the gene fails to perform a task from the command of an internal organ, then we will immediately be struck in the middle.

However, the chance of happening is very rare in the favorable atmosphere. Sometimes, you may feel that your action and accomplishment are not giving you an expected result, and then you should think that your gene information is not interacting with your mechanism commands as well. Therefore, in this case, you have to format your gene through the primary biological actions like sex, talk, eating, reading, and others. One interesting thing to remember that sexual activities will give the gene a complete format and restore the better recording facility of our biological data. It is very much essential for every human. The reason is that it will make our physical and mental performance more accurate. Scientifically, the importance of gene is immense. Moreover, it is still an enigma to the scientific community as well.

Nevertheless, it is certain that our conviction and curiosity about gene will change when gene will open its all secrets to humankind through its generosity.



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