An Idea of Healthy Economy Equation

Curious C: Hey, there is a quiz asking “Healthy people plus healthy place equals to healthy economy”. Is it true?

Designer: Heck yes!

Curious C: But, how to make people healthy?

Designer: Make a healthy place!

Curious C: Wait… how to make a “place” healthy?

Designer: Three things you need to do.

Curious C: What are they?

Designer: Number one, improve the indoor air quality. Such as set the indoor temperature around 70–73 degree Fahrenheit. Also, set the relative humidity level around 40% to 60%.

Curious C: How much this cost?

Designer: According to a recent study done by Simon Turner, this strategy will only cost another $14-$40 per person annually.

Curious C: Really!?

Designer: Number two, implement “Active Design”.

Curious C: What is “Active Design”?

Designer: “Active Design” means improving the built environment to increase levels of physical activities. It promotes physical activities through ergonomics, commuter support, fitness incentives, active furnishings and walkable space.

According to Brenna Walraven, CEO of Corporate Sustainability Strategies, inactivity result in $54 billion in health care costs and $14 billion in lost productivity.

Curious C: That’s a lot!!

Designer: Number three, help people to meet! People are generally happier when they are part of a community.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll in march 2020, nearly half of American repost harms their mental health. Two Gensler’s fellow noted that 78% of all antidepressant prescription came out after the pandemic were new.

Curious C: That’s a lot of un-happy people! Wait… can I trust you?

Designer: Probably… But, you can definitely trust U.S. Green Building Council!

Curious C: Oh. Thanks! I am curious no more.

USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) announced this economic recovery report, “Healthy People in Healthy Places equals a Healthy Economy,” during the peak of this pandemic.

This report summarized the forum’s discussion and tried to pave a road map for a comprehensive vision of “Healthy People in Healthy Places equals a Healthy Economy.” It articulated the interconnected responsibility that our individual and community play in our health and in the economy at large. (You can see a comic version of the summary above).

As two-thirds of the nation’s population is vaccinated, (thanks Science!), we can gear toward the post-pandemic phase. I hope 2022 is an excellent year to get this equation started.

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No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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