An Idea to Recreate the Dean&DeLuca Experience in an Outdoor Environment

Source: Washington Business Journa

Dean & DeLuca is a well known American chain of upscale grocery stores

On April 1, 2020, this grocery store chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States District Court. Six affiliated companies also filed for bankruptcy.

I do not wish to bring up a daunting story such as this during this economic downtime. However, as we face uncertainties around COVID-19 restrictions, I think it could be an excellent financial and social opportunity to bring Dean & DeLuca’s luxury grocery shopping experience to the outdoors.

You might ask, “So how can we repeat that experience in the outdoors setting?”

Three-parti grocery shopping experience

One of the Dean & DeLuca locations in Georgetown was just closed after 25 years of operation. The store utilized an existing 8700 square feet historical building with 1750 square feet of the semi-outdoor seating area. At this 44 feet by 190 feet footprint, this store demonstrated Dean & DeLuca’s typical layout: this three-parti grocery shopping experience with an additional resting area. The core space was divided into the following sections:

  • the checkout/entrance display
  • the food prep at middle
  • a wine/coffee section at the back.

There are shelves of exotic goods at the perimeters, premium olive oils, and other fancy seasonings.

By implementing this three-parti concept, we can have a similar shopping experience with a much more affordable price under this new proposed layout.

Conventional Farmer’s Market Layout
Proposed Farmers Market Layout

Here you can see the commonality between the Dean & DeLuca and Farmers Market adaptive layouts.

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