Aphorisms for a world in transition

source : https://www.pexels.com/fr-fr/photo/abandonne-station-service-station-d-essence-3225461/

“The problem with ‘renewables’ is that they are not quite renewable… without oil. “

“Wind and sun energy are free… except for the taxpayer. “

“Wind power is mostly hot air.”

“If shale oil does not pay for itself, who does? “

“If electric vehicles don’t run on petrol, they still can’t run without it. “

“There’ll always be oil, the price might change, though. “

“I’m still trying to understand the meaning of the word ‘transition’. I think that’s an understatement for collapse (or possibly cognitive dissonance). “

“Shale oil is a Loch Ness monster that bites its own tail. “

“The 21st century will be ecological or will not be … for very long. “

“Beliefs that place man above nature destroy humanity.”

“If the world had been predominantly Buddhist or Taoist or shamanistic, it might not have come to this. Monotheism, by placing man on a pedestal, favours hybris, encourages ecocide. “

“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be ecocide. Brazil is the glaring proof of it. “

“There may be such a thing as renewable energies, but flora and fauna aren’t. “

“The standard of living of the American people is not negotiable!” Said George W. Bush; global collapse isn't either, it seems. “

“Entropy is a bitch. “

“He who does not fear collapse doesn’t understand human nature; he who does, doesn’t understand the human condition. “

“To extinguish fires caused by drought, one needs water …”

“Our myths built our civilization, ages ago; now they’re destroying it. “

“More technology is not a cure for technology. “

“The technocrat who prophesies the arrival of a providential ‘new technology’ for the planet is the modern incarnation of the sorcerer who performs his rain dance. “

“As Greenland burns, so does the world. “

“With the help of solar panels, one can warm one’s house for free… all summer long.”

“To warm your house without oil, you just need wood: This is the recipe for global deforestation. “

“If one could terraform Mars, one could terraform Earth a fortiori. “

“If the poor perish, the rich will be the new poor, since their wealth comes from the poor. “

“A heap of gold is of little use on a desert island. “

“There is not enough lithium on Earth to honour Tesla’s specifications. “

“Authoritarianism seems to accompany the collapse, but it does not seem to remedy it, on the contrary. “

“Globalization can’t fight the collapse, quite the opposite. “

“Austerity never boosted the economy, by definition. “

“Criminalization is not a cure for poverty. “

“Wall Street keeps frantically printing money which vanishes in the pockets of the top 0.1 percent, increasing inequalities, fueling global economical and ecological collapse. “

“Before considering terraforming Mars, one should perhaps first consider healing the Earth.“



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