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Autumn: The Season of Cozy

After a long summer, autumn has arrived.

Yuleidy Ibeling
4 min readSep 24, 2021


It is still a crazy year; we are still in a pandemic, I want to make this fall extra special for the family.

It’s a great season to rethink and catch up with all the things that we left behind. What a perfect time to nurture yourself. There is so much about this season to embrace: the rain, the colors, the smell of baking in the kitchen, scarf, hats, boots, books, tea, candles, knitting classes, cozy movies, curling up on the sofa, trying new recipes, the feeling of coming back from work to a warm house.

Let's welcome all the new things this season offers wholeheartedly.

Easy ways to slow down and enjoy autumn!

Tea Flavors that Taste like Fall

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Favorite Tea Flavors for Fall

. Chai Tea Latte

. Early Gray Vanilla Tea Latte

. Spiced Apple Tea Latte

. Pumpkin Spice Tea

. Chamomile Tea Latte

Delicious Tea Recipe:

Slow- Cooker Chai Tea

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“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” — Sarah Addison Allen

Fall Coffee Flavors

. Pumpkin spice latte

. Maple Spice Butter Coffee

. Cinnamon Dolce Latte

. Brown Sugar Cardamom Latte

. Caramelized Apple Cider Latte

Fall Spice Latte Recipe:

Chocolate Tea Drink You Should Try

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. Early Gray Pecan Praline

. White Chocolat Jazmin Tea

. Chocolate Chai Spice

Recipes You Will Love to Try at Home

Slow Cooker Caramel Hot Chocolate

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“Use what you have, use what the world gives you. Use the first day of fall: bright flame before winter’s deadness; harvest; orange, gold, amber; cool nights, and the smell of fire. Our tree-lined streets are set ablaze, our kitchens filled with the smells of nostalgia: apples bubbling into sauce, roasting squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, cider, warmth itself. The leaves as they spark into wild color just before they die are the world’s oldest performance art, and everything we see is celebrating one last violently hued hurrah before the black and white silence of winter.” — Shauna Niequist

Embrace the season

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