Beginning of the New


As this unforgettable year draws to its finale, I cannot help thinking and feeling that this is a New Beginning.

It has been a year of rest and inner healing for some but perhaps restlessness for most. I believe we can help and appease the restless, with our innate ability to heal, sending them good thoughts and gentle healing compassion. I truly believe that we are witnessing an exponential rise in collective awareness and consciousness for the many souls who are opening up. We are energy beings and if we allow ourselves to be guided by our pure thoughts and inner voices we ought to lead our journeys in more joy, contentment and peace.

For too many centuries, we were told that God judges and punishes. I would gently ask for Us to change this rhetoric, as God and Divine are within Us All. So let us not judge but love, allow ourselves to love more and judge less. Let us not be over-critical of others but heal in our best abilities. Dig deep to heal ourselves, our loved ones, heal our immediate environment and ultimately heal our World. The Divine and The World are not separate entities and We are ONE with The Divine. We are All connected.

I hope we increasingly learn to function from open hearts for one another and grow in our awareness. I hope we learn from our past mistakes and graciously accept wisdom from one another. I hope we learn the importance of maintaining boundaries and healthy relationships, cultivate a focus on what truly counts while ditching shallow distractions. I hope we can accept that individually have good intentions that collectively will bring good changes for Us All. That we can expand in a space of love, respect and compassion rather than encroaching on one another and forcefully imposing our needs and demands. That we communicate rather than just talk, that we see rather than simply look, that we hear one another rather than just listen. That we activate our channels and be powerfully more receptive.

Perhaps it all so easy to just write from the Soul, and also perhaps it is very hard to admit when we get things wrong. I only have messages of hope for Us All. One cannot pretend that one can make Us All better, but for sure, one will not give up trying to build a better and sustainable Society and World economy for Humanity. We are on this trip together and together we can rise and ride better! We all know how we deserve to be in a better place, and by Jove, I know we will! Our Political class and Rulers better be prepared to see a rise of good Souls wanting to make a positive difference in the name of Sustainability and Equanimity.

As I increasingly put myself out there and show up, I know that many similar Souls have chosen a similar attitude to life. I may have ditched the old corporate lifestyle, the career, the ego massaging world driven by greed but I do hope that my past life has taught me to be just a little better for the sake of my Tween and my Flower Angel. As this extraordinary year draws to end, we got to know ourselves much better, we got reacquainted to the real Us and learnt our truths. We stripped bare, we lost distractions and swam out of the drowning noise. We can finally learn to glide, in our true selves whilst manifesting greatness for All, rather than floating by aimlessly, from one port to another in search of selfish whims and thrills. Life can be thrilling and joyful when we selflessly manifest the best of ourselves and when we offer Our best versions to the World.

I am sure that many of You share my feelings. I humbly thank you for reading my pieces, that pour out from my soul and my inner depth. As story makers, as thinking beings, we can make our own stories and journeys memorable. Let us try to remember one thing: we are limitless in our abilities when we find our connection.

May We fully shine Our Graceful Light.

PS: I hope you like the photograph, humbly taken this morning on my school run. Allow it speak to You.



No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Ruks Moreea

Alternative Thinker. Lover of All Things Good & Life. Interested in humanity, spirituality, conscious parenting and human energy. MSc Psychology,PhD, FRSPH