Brand Statement!

Why just saying it doesn’t cut it.

Thushan Jayaratne
Mar 3 · 2 min read

Putting a label on something and calling it ‘BRANDED’, is like saying “I can run…so you should assume that I am Usain Bolt”. In both cases, if we paid Good money for them, we would be utterly disappointed.

I saw an ad on instagram saying “BRANDED LINEN SHIRT’. I tried to read the label on the photo of the shirt to see what this BRAND was. But just like the ‘authenticity’ of this ad, it was not visible!

Stating that something is ‘BRANDED’ does not automatically make it a product of Good Quality. But if you are going to use the word ‘Branded’ as a Noun and not as the Verb, at least make sure that people see your ‘Brand Name’.

‘Branded’ does not mean just having a label on it! Anyone can put some words on a label and attach it to the shirt.

Branded means that there is value in this product in terms or Style, durability, fit, aftercare, consistency etc. A product becomes ‘Branded’ because of the inherent qualities, They become ‘BRANDED WITH’ and associated with those qualities. NOT the additional piece of fabric sewn on to it.

My friend Reeza Zarook once told me “Build value before you build the Brand”. This is the problem now, we build brands without building value.

We acquire too Cheaply; we esteem too Lightly — Thomas Paine

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