Building Bridges

Story of a House #2

An Idea (by Ingenious Piece)


Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

I thought this 2nd part would be a simple one. Just lift off and be free. So I tried it and failed miserably. Turns out to be a little more complicated =)

Here’s the setting:

One day a silhouette broke through the fog. Just long enough to get a glimpse. Intrigued and curious, I try to build a bridge. Get a little closer. What was that? I want to see it.

Enthusiastically starting to screw wood frames together, building with the best intent of civil engineering.

Photo by Amr Taha™ on Unsplash

“Man, this will be great”, I think. “Imagine how awesome to get there.”

One day, working on the front, a gust of wind comes up. Wobbling on my construction, I get scared. Fear overcomes me and I run to hide at the center of the platform.

Relieved to have made it back, I’m confused: I was trying to build a bridge! Why is this so difficult? It shouldn’t be that hard.

Why should I build bridges anyway? It’s an unnecessary risk. I’m fine here on my platform. I like it here.

Two days later, the thing in the distance was visible again. I start inspecting the…