Dear Adult, let’s accommodate each other’s needs!

Ten things that adults can do differently for children with or without ADHD

1. Allow me to rely on external help:

2. Write the future needs and expectations:

At times, I feel, I can’t go anywhere without a notebook and a pen. Just as I have seen you charge your power bank religiously before leaving for a day trip.

3. Help me manage my brain space

4. Understand I feel time rather than experience it:

There is Eastern Time, Central Time, and Pacific Time — then there is ADHD Time.

5. Break it down for me:

6. Believe me when I say I will not become greedy:

7. Don't ask me to do arithmetic in my head:

Wouldn't it be fun if I did math with my hands the way it originally was done?

You taught me to assist Granny when she used a walking aid, then how is my reliance on external items different?

Image by Carlos Insignares from Pixabay

When Granny forgot to take her medicine, I saw you sort her pills in a pill box, then how is breaking down tasks for me different?

9. Don’t scare me off religion:

If God made me this way and gave me an inattentive and clumsy brain, then God would understand my struggles. How come I am told otherwise?

10. Don’t get angry when I get angry:

  • What's causing my rage — what's underneath this?
  • What do I care about that's making me angry?
  • What could I do to use that energy to move forward with this thing that's making me angry?

Good Job & Keep Trying



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Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist; Co-founder & Director @synapsepk Mental Health Entrepreneur. Recycled Stardust.Balint Group.Psychoanalysis.Grit 🇵🇰