Departure’s melody

for when I leave

photo by Ilya Igniatev on Unsplash

when i’m in love

i’ll whisper

in her ear

‘love is unreal. i am.’

run my hands down the small of her back

tell her everything she should believe I am:

a lover. a fighter. a king

‘love is a figment of imagination;

as long I am here, I am real.’

and that is enough

say it again and again

reinforce everything I am -

a lover. a fighter. a king

her king

spoil her, love her

kiss her where it hurts

where it tingles, where she shivers

where it burns

and times will pass

till one day I’ll leave

not like the birds, no

i’ll say when I leave,

when it’s time:

‘love is now real. I am not.’

and i will whisper it, kissing her cheek

and tears in my eyes

because i wish love were real

not a way

to pass time

not meaningless words

then i wouldn’t leave.

this is where they drop the secret message to a long lost lover, but am I different. as you can see, love is not real.



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