Do We Ever Finish — My 3-part Party

I’ll show you today how our layers run deep, overlapping days of our lives, pages of lessons, chapters we have hidden, all starting from blank.

Do we ever finish? Are there not pieces that always need to be added, words that need to be said, worlds to be entertained, colours to be investigated. You too may have messages to be scraped up and dug through. Circles of friendships and stamps of pain, letters and marks that forever change us.

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I was thinking of this piece (a 3-part-er) while I walked this morning. Remembering how when I first started on longer races, someone had given me a little trick.

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He said “concentrate on someone who has touched your life” while you are putting one foot in front of the other, because there will be scary times when you won’t be able to picture the finish line.

We need to be distracted by the right things. (Tweet This)

Think about that one person for one kilometre, concentrate only on them. What they brought to you whether a joy or a lesson. Think about what they grabbed from their life, and what they discarded. Think about what they chose to keep that defined them.The time will pass. And then for the next kilometre think of someone else and do the same.

I’ve found this to be a handy tool to use each day, because often we don’t allow ourselves to fall into it when we should.

And that’s what I’ve done here in this 3 part-party. I let my mind float, let my hands move, let my heart feel. Layers of thoughts that finally culminated in something that has meaning for me. Maybe not for you, we both know our lives are separate and distinct.

Even my husband had to ask which side was up in this party. (Tweet This)

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So for today, put down your list of things to do. And think of one person at a time, it works for me, it helps me remember why they are are a part of me, especially when I rather cover it up.

Finished, for the moment.

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This is a handy tool to use in anything that you know you need to fall into. (Tweet This)

It helps me remember why they are a part of me, especially when I rather cover it up. (Tweet This)

Stay well, stay kind.



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